Tuesday, September 25

the real thing (in stereo)

I haven’t posted in a minute, I’ve just been figuring out some things. Since I don’t have to take anymore classes and all family “issues” are settling down, I have all this free time and freedom from worries about my family. I almost couldn’t deal with it and fell into a depression about it, but now I am able to let it be. I took a good look at myself and realized all the opportunities in the word “free” and all the fortunes I have – regardless of loss. All I need to do is just breathe. And appreciate.

Whenever you’re around family, it’s a blessing. My mom is closer now only 15-20 minutes away vs. 30-45 minutes. And even though baby sis is 3,000 miles away (and I miss her dearly, and am sooo proud), little sis started grad school in the area so she’s not going anywhere for a while. They come see me or I visit them all the time now. My little sis is literally a few miles from G Street fabrics in Rockville. I’ll toast to that (two times!!!), and I prefer wine-cabernet/shiraz, not Crown Royal. LOL!

I'm also glad that there are no celibacy blues over here. Things are going great with hubby and I am glad we are always able to kiss and make up after 11 years of marriage. I make it a point to let him know daily, “I wanna be loved by only you baby!”

I recently had an epiphany: I’m going to find my thing and just do it! I have been riding my bike, reading books, sewing (sneak preview below), taking naps (no more insomnia) trying new recipes, exploring new neighborhoods... Just stuff that gives me a little pleasure. I’m having an aromatherapy massage in a couple of weeks! It’s kinda hard not having any obligations, but I’m glad I’ve found the real thing to live for instead of coming down myself, and not giving my love to me. I don’t hate on me anymore. I know that being “free” is a good thing. Think about how it make(s) you feel.

Oh yea, I picked up the new Jill Scott this morning, you should too.


Carla said...

Yay for you! Do the things that make YOU happy. I enjoy your blog. Your creativity really shows. I'm glad your back :)


Stephanie said...

It's funny, I'm going through a similar phase. I just finished my Masters and I have all this free time. I never thought I'd be sad about it but getting used to not having obligations is a lot harder than I thought it would be! I'm glad you've found your happy place.

Neecha said...

I'm happy for you, hold on to your happiness and I love how you intertwined Jill through this blog post!

gold said...

Don't worry Girl be happy!!It's good to have me time!!

Can't wait to see more projects from you!!

Cherie said...

The words "let it be" resonated with me also - I've learned not to try to control the universe! Your creativity will help you be happy, it certainly does that for me!