Thursday, October 11

Pocketbooks are for Geeks

Let me rephrase this, books about pockets are for geeks.

Today's read during soccer practice was Just Pockets by Patricia Moyes. What a great book! I learned so much. As the title states it's just about pockets.

It shows straight forward step by step instructions & best practices for:

  • patch pockets (awesome instructions!)

  • in seam pockets (a weakness for me)

  • inset pockets (very new to me)

  • hidden pockets (like the welt and coin pocket)

There are some brief mentions of "couture" techniques & embellishments, but this book is from '97 so it's a bit dated. Overall, the meat of the book is the process fo making neat, sturdy, rtw type pockets.
This is a good addition to your reference collection if you like specialized techniques broken down into an easy format or if you just love sewing books!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like this book too! I have a couple books by Claire Schaeffer on pockets that you might want to check out. Books that address a specific technique are treasured by can really learn so much from them!

Adrienne said...

Sounds very neat! I may have to look at this one!

christina said...

How funny - I just bought this book too and started reading it this morning! It is a great reference.

gold said...

Sounds like a helpful book.I am going to have to put that on my list.

Have a great weekend!!

flytie said...

pockets have always intimidated me. i can handle patch pockets but whenever i do something else, i get all nervous. it's strange...

i'll have to check this one.