Tuesday, October 9

Trying BWOF

I've been getting Burda World Of Fashion magazine off & on since 2005. I was always too scared to try any of the patterns since they look like a military map. Talk about brain pain.

Here's my first go at a pattern, 7-2007-101

photos from www.burdamode.com

I am always so inspired and awestruck by Cidell's and Assorted Notion's BWOF creations! To me they are the Burda Goddesses since they always seem to make my favorite looks from the mag.

They look straight off the runway, or yet, better than off the runway, because these are real women with real bodies making and wearing the clothes. Needless to say I wanna be like them when my sewing grows up.

Here's my little meager attempt: (click photos for a bigger view)


Pattern Critique: Besides the pattern sheet looking like calculus, the instructions were even worse. Very vague. It wasn't that bad for me because I usually just ignore the instructions anyway. This pattern was only five pieces, plus a facing & drawstrings. My only issue was knowing which pieces to interface so I just did my own things and interfaced both collar pieces.

With BWOF, you have to trace out & mark the pattern pieces (be careful trace out the right pieces and the right size), add the seam allowance, draft your own bias strips & drawstrings (they give you the measurements.)

The thing about BWOF is that they are so fashion forward, that all the extra work & studying you put into it is so worth it to me.

I look forward to doing more. I'm taking my time though.

Fabric: poly sheer clearance fabric from JoAnn's.

Modifications: I did none, this was my muslin. As you can see it's not finished or hemmed, I didn't add a button loop (I'm gonna do a hook & eye) to the neckline and I didn't do the drawstrings - ran out of fabric. (that's why it's on the dressform)

I need to change the hem and sleeve allowance to 1.5 inches, I like long sleeves.

Results: I failed to transfer the markings for the shoulder seam so my sleeves are off center. Like way off. Overall, I think I'm ok with it. I'm scanning my stash now so I can make this for real.


cidell said...

Welcome to the World of Burda! At first glance I was trying to figure out where in the he77 you were going to wear that shirt down to your belly button. But, no drawstring! I'll email you a great tutorial on making those btw.

Adrienne said...

I am about to try my first BWOF TOO!!

Breath of Light said...

I SO need a new sewing machine.

Erica B. said...

I'm jumping on the Burda train too! Great job!

gold said...

That is beautiful!!Love the fabric!!Great job!!

christina said...

I'm glad you're joining the BWOF gang! I loved that pattern when I first saw it, would still like to make it up one of these days. So far it looks good! Looking forward to the wearable version.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Congrats for being brave, looks like it paid off. I just bought a subscription to BWOF but am still working up the courage. Love your blog BTW. It's a real inspiration.

dawn said...

You could leave the drawstring out and show off a belly ring! Or, more realistically, wear it over a cami!

You did a fine job. Burda instructions are sparse to say the least. But once you do decipher them, you find that they include more industry techniques than the "big four" pattern instructions...which often seem to be the same as if they were written in 1950.

A tip for tracing burda patterns out...first trace along the outlines of the pieces you need on the "road map" with a sharpie or other dark marker. It makes it easier to see through the tracing paper and you'll be less likely to miss markings.

Burdas fit great. That is the best thing about them!

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks for the tips! I think I'll stick with the drawstring, I don't want to scare anyone :)

C.S. said...

It looks great! I'm also about to start trying out BWOF patterns - it's contagious!

Out of curiosity, what did you use for your tracing paper?

flytie said...

i'm so turned off by patterns. so much *extra* and confusion. but i do agree. burda's got the good stuff.