Wednesday, November 7

My First SWAP

Inspired by the SWAP QUEENS decided to go ahead and sew a coordinated mini wardrobe to see if I can "stick with it" and hopefully start working on my closet full of mismatch "stuff" becoming a closet full coordinated "stuff"

Here are the patterns:
click for bigger view
  1. Simplicity3790 views D & E
  2. Simplicity 4366 view C
  3. McCall's 5244 view B
  4. Burda World of Fashion 7-2007-101
All from the stash.

Here's my fabric:

click for bigger view
  1. Sheer tan, cream, green & blue print for BWOF
  2. Tan jersey knit for Simplicity 3790, E
  3. Navy jersey knit Simplicity 3790, D
  4. Navy suiting for McCall's 5244
  5. Stretch denim for Simplicity 4366
  6. Tan stretch twill for Simplicity 4366
The good news is this all came from the stash. I didn't want to buy a bunch of fabric for a SWAP, then have it sit around. Plus, I want to eventually have a small stash of fabric.

I have one more item to finish up & review and I will start the SWAP on the weekend. Wish me luck!


kasizzle said...

I can't wait to see how this goes. You have me considering trying a SWAP now. I love your pattern choices as well as your fabric.

Adrienne said...

Good luck!

Jackie said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog! I was thinking of doing a SWAP also. I have plenty of stash fabric to choose from too and I'm working on updating 'LOTS' of pieces in my wardrobe anyway. I can't wait to see your new garments!

Erica B. said...

Good luck with your SWAP!

Shannon said...

Woo Hoo! Another convert! I cannot wait to see what comes rolling out of your sewing room.

Faye Lewis said...

Good luck, but I don't think you need it. You get things done pretty quickly.