Sunday, November 4

Intervention needed

I have been watching Intervention on A&E this weekend, and I think it's a sign....

Butterick has just posted new patterns and I want about 100 of them.... I already have too many patterns, (like 4 tubs full + the BWOF's, but whatever) but I don't think there is anything that will prevent me from buying more patterns!!!!!!!

I will patiently await the next Butterick sale, but they are always $5.99 at Joann's, and that's not too bad of a price, so I might just get a couple to manage until the sale is on... I need help.

Look at these beautifuls!!!!!

Check out my faves

A wardober that I will get just because I love knits. This would be a good SWAP pattern.

I admit to snickering at the Connie Crawford patterns, every time I see one, but this one can be "worked"

I want the short sleeved robe, like NOW!!!

Cute, flattering coat! I got the similar one from McCall's so I might not be able to pass

I wont even make this but the pattern is soooo cute!

My fave style! (the shape hiding shift dress.) Getting this ASAP.


I'm getting this ASAP, I will have a fit if I don't get my hands on this dress!!!

I have been able to pass on the other patterns in this style from Vogue & McCall's but this one is "IT"

I'm not messing with this one but


ambika said...

I so should not have visited your blog today. *All* of these patterns are so tempting.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The knit pattern will make a great SWAP pattern! You should definitely start planning a wardrobe with that one!

gold said...

Girl give in and get them!I always do,but they have to be on sale!!HAHA