Saturday, November 3

Reviews: New & Vintage Vogues

Vogue 8422

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: Easy enough for the rating by Vogue. The style is a little "different" but I do really like the high wrap neckline. The instructions confused me some because of the skipping around and a couple of unclear photos. I had to "figure out" the neck line & skirt construction. To me it seems they totally skipped over how to complete the skirt bottom for my view (C) Other than that, I am pleased.

Fabric: Cotton/Spandex print

Modifications: None needed

Results:Cool top. I like it sleeveless too - cool for a little layering. At first glance of this pattern it looks a little early Black Eye Peas, but something told me to make it and I'm glad I did.

Vogue 7003 (Vintage)

Size: 12

Pattern Critique: Super easy. I glanced at the instructions and they seemed too wordy & complicated, so I just winged it since it was a pretty simple style.

Fabric: Cotton/Spandex 2 way stretch

Modifications: Since I am usually a size 14 in the pattern I used 1/4 seam allowances. I also ommited the back zipper since this is super stretchy fabric.

Results: Oh my, my, my, this style is right up my alley! I've loved wearing 70's style since high school so I will get much wear out of this. I plan on "winterizing" this with turtlenecks & boots until spring. I might do another one in white for summer.


Sharon said...

These are both wonderful! That Vogue top pattern I wouldn't have given a second glance to but it certainly looks great on you.

The vintage vogue dress - that neckline is fantastic! If I can find a copy of that pattern I'm making one also. This too looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

Love what you did with the stripe, fabulous fit too.

That vogue wrap top is soooo nice. I have some powerdry which might work with it. I like everything about it.

You are turning out some very nice and unusual pieces, love your taste.

gold said...

You have been busy!!They both look wonderful on you!Nice colors!