Thursday, November 29

Swappin ain't easy

I'm putting the dress down until the weekend when I can sort out the info and my thoughts on how to fix it. I WILL BE printing out those comments and putting them in my pattern envelope as a future reminder. I really want to make this dress work as well as step up the quality in my sewing. Learning how to fix/avoid things will really help out. Check out my inspiration:

I absolutely adore the color/pattern, but I prefer the silhouette of the McCall's pattern.

So, thanks SO MUCH for the valuable input!

Today I needed some success motivation so instead of going to work (and getting paid) I stayed home all day watched Comedy Central, mostly finished another SWAP item, & started on a quilt project that I will get into at a later date.

Here's a preview of Simplicity 4366, view C

All that's left is the hem, the waist button and I need to take some off the side pockets, they are huge! Another item crossed off the list! Here's my progress.
  1. Simplicity3790 views D & E
  2. Simplicity 4366 view C
    1. Stretch Denim
    2. Khaki Twill
  3. McCall's 5244 view B (Just need to hand stitch hem)
  4. Burda World of Fashion 7-2007-101 (All cut out and ready to sew)


lsaspacey said...

I'm so happy that you're doing that Threads pants pattern. I've been thinking about buying it but wasn't sure. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

gold said...

Those pants are looking great!I like those pockets on the back.

Isabelle said...

Your pants look great! That dress is going to be beautiful... I love it.