Wednesday, November 28

Bubble Butt


Zipper is still bubbling on McCall's 5466. I'm trying to hold on and not scrap this one.

So far I interfaced the zipper area - was I supposed to put it on the seam allowance? I also handbasted on a strip of stay tape then put the zipper back on. Before this, it was a ripply bubble, now it's smooth, lol

This was a HARD pic to take I was all twisted up trying to capture the bubble above my butt. If you can tell from the pic the bubble juts out about an inch below the waist seam. I've never done a long zipper on a fitted garment.

Now I'm thinking it's either type of zipper (invisible) OR the fit (the bodice is fine but should I let some out in the skirt) OR the underlining which is a stretchy poly/nylon (prolly NOT the best choice.) Would I have better luck using a regular zipper?

I want to make this work so I can get a more expensive fabric, cause the dress is cute on me - toot-toot! The neckline pleats enhances my upper bod & it nips in at the waist it also skims the curve of my thighs before it flares out at the bottom making it look like I might have a little hip action.

Here's that underlining.i dunno. I'm thinking I need to go on and start cutting out my pants.


Mimi said...

well, there are several reasons this happens, the first may be the stretch lining you are using. Also, I avoid taking a zipper down any further then wear the slope of my back meets my tush, it never lays right. You may try shortening the zipper opening so that it end higher up, if that does not work you can remove the zipper STEAM THE GARMENT BACK INTO SHAPE and then insert the zipper by hand and apply a non fusible interfacing to the seam allowances.

OR the ripples are being caused because the fabric (if cut on the bias) or has a stretch to it stretches even more when you sew the zipper to it. You can try to do a stay stict all the way down the seam allowance so that as you sew the zipper the fabric wont strech.

hope that helps.

Cidell said...

I think the fabric stretched out. The interfacing was a great idea -- if the fabric hadn't already stretched out. I think you need to take out the zipper where it bubbles and either redraw the seam line to eliminate the distortion or also open up the waist seam lines a bit and take up the extra fabric there.

Does that make sense? If not, what are you doing this weekend? I might be able to swing by or meet half way to splain / show.

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks, these both make sense. OK I am ready to go at it again...

Sewlove said...

I agree with mimi, you might want to shorten the zipper some. I always stablize zipper seams. Just something light will due.
You can make it work.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it looks like you have too much length in the back skirt waist area. It could be that the fabric stretched, but you might still have to remove the extra fabric, tapering to nothing at the side seams. Remove the zipper and pin/baste out the excess fabric, check how it looks before you put your scissors into it. Whether the problem arose from the result of your having a sway back, I don't know. But it seems like a fairly easy solution to just remove the excess.

If you were doing this alteration on paper pattern, you would add what you removed back onto the hem of the pattern to keep it in line with the front hem. So here you'll have to watch how your hem changes.

Seams will also ride up and form odd bubbles/waves when more space is needed for the garment to fall over the curves, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Bear in mind that I am viewing this from a 'distance' lol.

Also, check if your zipper is too stiff. Maybe a zipper on a lighter, softer fabric could be the answer. I know this was the case when I applied a zipper to the side seam of my dd's dress.

And lastly, yes, you must apply the interfacing to the entire zipper area including the sa.

Good luck, and keep us posted on the outcome.