Tuesday, December 18

Sewl Food: Sergers

long winded posting alert....

I was planning on posting pics today of the McCall's jacket but Adrienne got me thinking about those darn resolutions!

Before I make mine every year, (usually on my b-day, which is coming SOON!) I take a moment to reflect on my year.

Last year I did not make any solid resolutions, I just wanted to try and enjoy life and enjoy my family. We had just lost our cousin-nephew-son Ahmad (RIP) in a car accident and I was hurting. I sewed and cried all winter (I'm for real). By spring of this year, my interest in sewing grew immensely and really helped me get back on track and helped me get focused on fun and reaching out to others and I even started a blog, lol!

What a sewlful year it has been! I have learned so much. I am so excited about the people I was able to meet online and in person. I mostly stuck to my "sewing goals." The biggest turning point though was getting a serger. Seriously.

(fond memories: fresh out of the box)

Throughout the year while doing my sewing "studies" I pined away for a serger, but I had never used one or knew what they were really used for & never thought I could afford one. I only knew that the "pros" used them and I just HAD to have one since I wanted to be a "pro".

I scoured the Internet and library until I knew enough to select one based on my preferences and decided on the Viking Huskylock 905.
  • Don't listen to the "snobs", do your own research. (what i mean by "snobs" are those who have a "preference" for only top of the line and look down on other brands)
Good Books:
The New Sewing with a Serger (Singer) great book! my personal choice
The Complete Serger Handbook pretty good, if you aren't feeling the singer book check this one out
Serger Secrets: High-Fashion Techniques for Creating Great-Looking Clothes found it at the library - dated fashionwise - but inspiring!
Serge With Confidence great book and companion to the Singer book.

Good Links:
http://www.sewingwithnancytv.com/ go to "techniques" and watch ALL of the serger videos
More serger videos
Selecting a serger
Shopping for a Serger (from Threads)
Also read those reviews on PatternReview.

  • Go to a dealer and take a test drive!

After the painstaking purchasing process of finding a comfortable machine, a good dealer/store and making layaway payments I am a proud & satisfied owner of a serger since August 07. Since that short time, I feel like my sewing enthusiasm has increased even more. I've heard seen people say type on PR, "I don't know why I didn't get one sooner!" and I am echoing loudly because the serger is the best sewing-related investment I've ever made. It motivated me to do more than just stitch stuff together.

(stored w/o dustcover)

I previously thought a serger was totally out of my league as a beginner. Boy Girl, was I wrong. I love sewing and I know if I want to maximize my skill level & creativity I have to think like and act like what *I* envision as a pro.

  • When you hear folks say sergers aren't for beginners, DON'T LISTEN!!!

I invite new and learning sewing enthusiasts to continue to expand their horizons. Making stuff is fun but, Don't be afraid to try absolutely everything sewing-within your means of course, even if you think you aren't ready. It can only enhance your experience.


Theresa said...

I have been sitting with ambivilance about serger/no serger. Your enthusiasm for this piece of equipment is infectious-thanks for the links

So Sew Lost said...

I have had my serger for over a year and I am still afraid to use it. Looking at the work you've done is encouraging. thanks!

Pirouette1196 said...

Great post! Question: Why do you have different color spools on your serger? Is it for a decorative effect?

CreativeDiva said...

Hey there,
I bought a used serger (a Toyota) about four years ago for $100! The woman who sold it to me didn't know how to move the blade. While it isn't perfect, (I can only use one needle and three cones of thread)I have wondered why I didn't buy one before. Right now, I don't see the need to purchase a newer model and frankly I don't have the room for it. Congratulations on creativity and this wonderful blog.

Angela (in Laurel)

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks for the encouragement & use those cool tools! (sergers or whatever your fave may be)

@ pirouette I learned in the Singer serger book that if you don't have all the same color thread you can use similar colors to blend, it works out great.

a little sewing on the side said...

Yay for you! In so many ways!
(Yes I do love my exclamation points!!)

And re: the serger, me too! I cannot believe how much sewing and serging I did in 2007. What a year.

Kat said...

Congrats on your new serger!!! They are so much fun to use. Once a sewer gets one, they find it hard to believe how they ever lived without one IMO.

pirouette, I use whatever thread colors I like and mix and match as long as they are basically in the same color range (like white and grey, grey and black, etc). Using slightly different shades can help a newbie serger user determine which looper needs a tension adjustment (if the machine has tension dials). Also, it depends on what needs to be done with decorative serging (thinking rolled hems and flatlocking) as well.

Patty said...

You are so encouraging! I have been following your blog for sometime now. Thank you for all the sewing info you provide. Enjoy your serger! I know you will! Oh and thank you for the great tip on the different color spools. Great idea! Sometime I just can't think for myself!

Faye Lewis said...

I agree with your comments about the serger. I am so glad I finally sprung for one. Got the one I could comfortably afford and it works great for me (except when it comes to rethreading it sometimes).

flytie said...

great post/advice! :-)

Nancy W. said...

You are going to LOVE your new serger. I bought mine about 18 years ago and use it constantly. And I agree, you have to find the brand that works for you. I sewed for 20 years on a Brother Pacesetter and loved it!

Knitgirlll06 said...

Thank you for this post as a self-taught crafter you have to just jump into the great unknown at times to see what comes. I've had my serger for 3 yrs now and I'm still learning new things.

Being self-taught means that you don't conformed to standard rules because you don't know what they are. I have found that it keeps me true to my own methods.....whatever floats my boat.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.

Sewuptight said...

I love your blog. It's great to hear some advice on a beginner getting/using a serger. Thank you.