Tuesday, January 29

I might be crocheting soon!

Life has been coming at me fast and will not stop!!!! I have tried to sew during the week but my energy level won't allow me the focus and motivation it requires so I'll probably just binge sew on the weekends.

Last weekend I made some skirts for my sister and fixed some more UFOs up but I just don't feel like taking pics! I have pics of her though (below). I *may* feel like getting to it on the weekend because I have to teach on Thursday & Friday and I will definitely be in antisocial/introvert mode on Saturday & Sunday.

Last night I decided since I am too pooped to put what I have left in the day into sewing, I will try crochet. I studied my books last night and tried for the first time the single crochet stitch. I'm not sure if this is correct but I'm rolling with it. I'm still too confused to try left hand crochet so I am right handing it for now, which is probably why I can't tell what I'm doing. I have to go back to those bookmarks I made and print out the info and study up on it.

Here are little sis's skirts...

Skirt by McCall's 4718 - OOP


McCall's 5590 view B


gold said...

Cute skirts!You will get crocheting.I know if I can anybody can!Ha ha :)

CreativeDiva said...

Hi there,
Great skirts. I can help you with the crocheting if you'd like. Let me know.


Cennetta said...

Nice skirts. I'm not an expert on crocheting, but I do recommend a book titled, "Crocheting School". It gives step by step instructions on all of the basic stitches, variations, and techniques. No projects though.

Mimi said...

Love the skirts, the plaid one is hot! and you matched them perfectly.

Tracey said...

This post reminded me that I never sent you the crochet CD that I promised you. It was shipped overnight on Friday (2/1) and you should get it by noon today.

narcissaqtpie said...

Tracey - you are awesome! They tried to deliver, but I was out. I will get it Monday for sure.

I can't wait to get it. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU-lol!!!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Very nice skirts. The purpleish one matches with the socks :) I love the style of the plaid skirt. Great job.
I taught myself to crochet a few months back. I did a simple dish cloth, nothing too technical :) You'll have fun :)