Sunday, February 24

Who's Your Daddy?

Apparently John Paul Gaultier is mine because I was about to die lie fry cry(?) for this dress:

But then not really because his dress is $530 and mine cost less than $25 for pattern, fabric, elastic & thread. Ha! So maybe I'm his daddy.


Simplicity 3503

Size: 14

Pattern Critique: Compared to the JPG dress a lot more modest in the chest and back area - lol! It sews up quick and easy. I cut it out Wednesday night and sewed it up Friday morning (thank goodness for snow days!!!), there are pleats and gathering on the bodice and skirt but otherwise not much detailing.

I like that it has pockets, which are so small and really unnecessary, they add hip bulk (which is not really an issue for hip-less me) they just look cool.

I love the overall style! I am SO READY for warm weather.

Fabric: Swimsuit knits from Hancock's. $7.99/yd

Modifications: I left it long, beware, it is really long so if you are tall you may not have to add much length. I am 5'6 and it was dragging the floor until I cut a few inches off.

I'm thinking it looks better shorter. I'm not sure though. Let me know what you think.

I made the bodice elastic shorter, and I need to take it in more, along with the midriff. I think because the fabric is so heavy, it droops in the back

If my back was cute (and narrow) enough to show I would have,
  • left off the back bodice piece
  • lengthened the midriff piece to make a tie
  • added the elastic along to top of the skirt to make it look like this:
yea right!

Results: The only negative is that the pockets add bulk at the hip. If I get a chance to make it again I'll leave them off.

Halter dresses will never go out of style. I think they look great on all shapes/sizes. This one is perfect to make over and over for summer because it is quick and the fabric recommended travels well.

P.S. Check out Lina's new CD in the mean time. She's also been my daddy for the last week or so.


elizabeth said...

I love reading your post. You are so real ! Thanks for always inspiring.

Lashell said...

Great Job

kasizzle said...

Looks great! I like it short, but I am a short dress kind of gal.

cidell said...

Love it both lengths, but the long is my fav. What a great dress!!

Leslie said...

ooh, I love the combo of prints you picked! this looks great on you.

Kelroc said...

Nice dress. As for the length, if you want a swingy floaty dress make it short. If you want a flowing romatic dress make it long. Either way it will be great.

Stephanie said...

wowee! It's great! I think I like it shorter too.

Sharon said...

Oooo, love this dress! I'd leave it long. You can always shorten it it if you decide long isn't working for you.

Berry said...

Lovely (long) dress and a great inspiration, I'm gonna get this pattern ;o)

Marjie said...

I like this short. It looks fun and summery. Great (fabric) pattern combination!

Phyllis T. said...

I love your dress.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You look wonderful, the dress looks great long and I like it short too. You can always leave this one long - and just make another one - short :) with another fun print :)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Cute dress! It shouts spring is coming...spring is coming!

The MSILF said...

Thanks for the idea about leaving the back bodice off...good thinking.