Friday, May 16

Searching for what I already had

For the last few weeks I have been toying with the idea of getting a new machine w/ bells & whistles. I previously thought that I wouldn't need any extras as long as I had the basics.

Then I started thinking I need a 1 step buttonholer, then I started thinking how nice some decorative stitching & lettering would be. And maybe I could finally learn how to do some more advanced stitches like blind hem, machine button sewing, etc.

In my price range I considered:

Singer 7470 ($399 online, I love my Singer Mechanical, so I felt a little loyal to this brand)
Brother NX-450 (around $450 locally, I test drove the NX-650Q which is double the price for a few more features, what a dream! the damn thing nearly sews for you!)
Kenmore 19233 ($399 online, I just found out Cidell has this one!)

Today after shopping around and viewed and seeing demos I came home flabbergasted. Which one???

I looked at my current machines and decided to play with them a little more, learn some thangs.... I never could get the one step to work on my Brother XL-3027. But after re-reading the instructions about 10 times playing with it for an hour, I did a one step button hole!!!! It wasn't as perfect as that new TOL Brother but nice enough. I can just re-adjust my patience level and keep on practicing. Why was I letting this machine sit on the shelf for so long!?!?

Also I had never ever tried a simple blind hem. I always thought I needed special feet for it, so I never bothered. Shame on me. I did a *perfect* blind hem on my second try. Duh me.

I feel so.... MUCH BETTER that I don't have to spend another $400 on something I pretty much had. Of course the bells & whistles would be awesome, but I have all I need to make a solid garment. I probably wouldn't have done all that fancy stuff anyway. That's just extra thread - lol!

I am going to play some more tonight with the stitches on both my machines, I'm excited about my "new" features.


C. Dishmey said...

You can still get bells and whistles!! Just get new feet!! It seams like there is a foot to do everything these a stitch in the ditch foot,rolled hem foot, topstitching foot, the list goes on!

cidell said...

You know, I have an extra Singer buttonholer that might also work for you. You use different templates for the size foot you want. I actually used it last with my vest because it made a better buttonhole than my auto.

toya said...

my sewing machine doesn't really have so much going on but I get by,cindy is right getting a couple of new feet will give you more versatility in getting more done.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience when I "upgraded" to a computerized machine. After using it for a while, I realized I liked my old mechanical better. Eventually I ended up getting mechanical Kenmore with a few "nicer" features on it (including a one-step buttonhole!)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Glad you were able to make what you already had work...I have considered the Brother machine for a back up machine so I can understand your attraction to it!

gold said...

The next sewing machine I will get is the Singer 7470.It is in my price range and it seems to have most of the things I am looking for in a sewing machine.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Nice to see you found "new" features and are happy with what you have :) I agree new feet are a great way to go to add on.

barb said...

I agree with everyone I was thinking about upgrading my sewing machine I have a Berinia which I bought about 20 years ago The Bernina 1080. I went into the Berninia dealer and I saw a machine that I liked and I asked if I could use the feet I have on my present machine I have about 25 different feet The sales lady said no I would have to buy all new feet. I took that as a sign from above I will keep what I have. So glad to hear you are keeping what you have also.