Monday, May 19

Who left these for me?

A guardian angel perhaps? Whom ever got rid of these I appreciate it! You are saving my sewing life.

Went used book shopping this weekend and found:

I had been on the Threads website last week researching buttonhole tips. I wrote down the title of this book to see if I could find it one day. It was meant for me to have this book. This will be a huge help because I get a little clumsy in my sewing sometimes. (see Band-aids in pic below. MANDATORY in my sewing area)

Also lookie-loo!! This book shows you how to create heirloom and other decorative looks with "regular old" utility stitches. This is just what I needed to get a little more creative. Now I have made a list of specialty feet to find - THANKS a million for the suggestions and comments!!!

I believe I have all of the basic stitches covered in the book. This will definitely get me ready for a hi-speed computerized machine when I save up for the super big dog it's time.

Also went to see The Color Purple this weekend. If I could find a word worthy to describe it...
Just go see it if you get the chance. It's as moving as the book & movie.

Me, little Sis and Mama


toya said...

awww, glad you guys had fun and you got some good loot! It must have been you lucky day

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Great book finds! And I loved The Color Purple was an amazing play!

Anonymous said...

See, you asked the universe for those books and they were sent pronto!

I think what you might need in the future is a faster machine, maybe a straight stitcher. I can tell you from my experience as someone with multiple, and I mean multiple computerised sewing machines with embroidery stitches....if your main activity is garment sewing, then you will probably never use 99% of those stitches. You need a machine which will make superior buttonholes and for that it should be able to do a wonderful satin stitch and that you can get even in a very old 30yrs+ sewing machine.

If you are still tempted, look at those good used older TopOfTheLine machines. They are still great value for money.

Love how your mom looks like you are all sisters, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign:

gold said...

You and your sister have the same smile.Looks like you guys had a great time.

Barb said...

Your Mom looks like she could be your sister. Good to hear you had a good time at the Color Purple. I LOVE your site. Thanks for all of the different information. After reading your blog I think I am going to try one of the PR contests.

lorrwill said...

See I knew there was a good reason to surf onto your blog today: to learn to keep Band-aids at the sewing area! I really could have used one the other evening when I found out how sharp my silk pins still are. ouch.

(I cried during The Color Purple).