Wednesday, June 4


Hiyah! Been a minute, no major big deals going on, I'm cool. I have been addicted to the Lifetime Movie Network lately though, they are crazy!!!! I had to turn off the tv for a few days to withdraw so I'm back.

I did manage to stitch a few new items here and there during the last coupla weeks.

Here is my Memorial weekend dress. I dub it the cookout dress cause it's flowery, jewely and summery and full to hide bbq tummy.
McCall's 5620

I also whipped up a stashbuster New Look 6784

and I attempted Vogue 8392. another stashbuster. I read that it would be ok not to finish off the raw edges of the sleeve since they were cut on the bias. not. I'm debating on whether to finish it wiht a rolled edge. I'd rather not and just make this again in a knit but I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric right now.

Check this out. I prolly need a late pass for this but...
Anne Klein

Butterick 5186

So who was first with the design?


Stephanie said...

Wow, all of your finished pieces look great! That's too bad about the sleeves on that Vogue top. I think you should still try to finish the edges because that fabric is gorgeous!

Erica B. said...

Everything looks great! I agree about the sleeves. Give it a shot, that fabric is too fabulous!

Adrienne said...

Girl lovin that fabric!!!!!!!!

toy said...

no wonder you wasn't posting, you've been extremely busy, beautiful stuff too

cidell said...

I love how you did the embellishment!

Cennetta said...

Everything is so cute and summery.

gold said...

You have been busy! Loving all your sewing project!!That flower dress is fantastic!