Thursday, June 19

Children of the matrix be hittin them car switches

So the bling gods told me to get this, even though I already have two perfectly great machines and a nice serger. I'll get rid of the Brother though, since I'm over them.

i gotta test ol' girl out tonight to see if she can really sing :)

...and here I am bragging about it--no wait! this is an investment into my creativity!! um yea. I'm addicted now I'm under arrest......

anyhoo look what else I got!!

*go ahead roll your eyes*

But I'm not keeping all of them. I'll play with them for a bit and then distribute them to the general community, and if possible, for a small fee.

for real though, I am totally inspired. the annual garden party is coming up so I gots (yes gots) to get all of these ideas out of me, since I have the tools.

contrary to the subliminals I am actually loving this song today, like x6.



Erica B. said...

I'm still down with the Brothers! LOL But you enjoy your new machine(s)... they make you feel like it's Christmas!

Elaray said...

Somebody's going to be having fun for the next few days!!! Enjoy.

Adrienne said...

Enjoy your new machines girl!

cidell said...

The newer singer is a great little machine and I used one for a while before gifting my mom. I'm not sure which the other two are -- did you tell me a 99k? If so, they are fantastic and very portable too.

Meg said...

You are on a shopping HIGH! I'm so jealous!

toy said...

wow,, lucky girl, congrats on your new machines!!!