Monday, July 28

crafting in between...

**I must craft everyday, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.**

here's the latest fruits...
a semi better pic of s4112. i couldn't find my belt the second time I wore it, but it's still nice w/o. I think I might make this one more time in a stripe. I need to lower my buttons as well.

a freakishly large market bag. I carry my crochet knick-knacks in this.
I need to learn how to get proper gauge badly

mccall's 5624 in a cotton patchwork

babydoll from GYCO II in cotton

c-ya laterz....


Breath of Light said...

Fab job on the crochet stuff! I'm so proud of you! Make me a top! I hardly have the patience to crochet myself a top cuz it seems like eons before I get the boob part large enough for good coverage. lol

gold said...

Cute crochet purse!!

Mom2fur said...

Everything you make is beautiful. I have that Simplicity pattern but haven't made it up yet. I'm glad to see how nice it looks in 'real life'!

fly tie said...

love it all! that beach photo is nice.

Just Sew In said...

Hi !!!!!
I just wanted to pass on thid website to you and your other "visitors". It speaks of a "sewing lounge" located at Harford Road and Grendon Lane in Parkville, Maryland.

(sorry I'm too lazy to log in right
Just Sew In. . .

JustSewIn . . . said...

More info:
Contact Us
9008 Harford Road
Parkville, MD 21234
Phone: 410.882.7277
Fax: 410.882.7280

Lounge Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-9pm
We are located at 695 Beltway Exit 31A
Follow Grendon Lane to Entrance & Parking @ rear

Uh oh!!!! make sure you look at the fees:

Meg said...

Oh gosh, I just made a gigantic market bag, too!! My husband isn't very confident that it will hold weight and wants me to line it. sigh Yours looks really good!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Ahhhh the beach!!! I wish I was there right now.