Saturday, August 2


Here's my hook case, made from a place mat, bias tape and a shoestring.

my yarn stash

I can't stop crocheting!! I'm not to worried though, the newness will wear off in due time. I did get a handle on my yarn stash in these early stages. I have relegated myself to only what will fit in the chest. Which I plan on keeping full. To the brim.

The only thing that worries me about my new hobby is which direction I want to go in as far as "projects".

I spent a few days consumed with printing free online patterns and have collected a 3-inch binder full - organized by type - lol! I have also been to three libraries looking for crochet books to preview for purchase. So far I want none, which is good, because I already have 5, plus 3 crochet-related magazines. I also have joined Ravelry (I'm narcissaqtpie there too), but I am taking that site in very small doses because there is sooo much info and inspiration there.

My main problem is that, though I can read a written pattern with no problems, my stitch count and gauge are always way off.

I know I am supposed to make a swatch (which = muslin in sewing terms) but I totally am not with that idea. With crochet/knit swatching you create a portion of the pattern's stitches with the recommended yarn in order to measure and figure out what size of hook/needle to use. This is to ensure you get a properly sized item. What happens if your stitches don't match the pattern's guage? you have to unravel the whole thing and try a different sized hook/needle. No sir-ree, not for me. I need results/gratification. At least with sewing you get to try on or wear your muslin.

I think I crochet too loose and sometimes too tight but so far the projects I have completed have all turned out fine - which I attribute to my sewing math.

I am just extremely wary about trying to use anymore patterns. I really want to try hats, amigurumi, some of Debbie Stoller's projects, and PURSES!!! but I have a feeling, that I won't be so successful.

My latest project, "That Girl" from GYCO II turned out decent, but after I made the ribbed waistline with almost double the rows recommended because I was stitching too tight - I pretty much did my own thing. Which I had no clue what I was doing, but I liked it >:)

Another lesson from this project was to buy yarn according to dye lot. I bought 3 rolls/balls of Sugar n Cream in cornflower blue, one of them I discovered was a different hue! I recovered by adding "stripes" of the off color.

If I scrap pattern usage, then I can just freeform while learning the different decorative stitches and see what I come up with --- BUT there are so many cool patterns! I'll just have to take it day by day.

On the sewing front... I need to get on it!!! The garden party is three weeks away. I am "in progress" but not motivated. I'll probably do the last minute sprint sew and cross the finish line by a nose hair.

I did hustle up a quickie stash busting dress though. No pattern, just zig-zagged some rows of elastic at the top and underbust of this border print.


Breath of Light said...

You are actually doing a great job with the crochet. I'm not surprised you don't like the idea of swatching. neither do I. I have never done a swatch ever and don't plan on it anytime soon. I think the great thing for you is that you're familiar with garment construction through your sewing, so I believe straying away from patterns will com pretty easy to you once you get down the basics of crochet and learn more about how different stitches look put together. just keep practicing! J

Lashell said...

I love the dress. So simple and trendy

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Love the dress. I'll be here this weekend. Join me.

Anonymous said...

This is so neat!!! Very creative...


Anonymous said...

You are really getting 'your crochet on'! I can't believe you are already making wearables!


MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

HOT DRESS!! I'm LOVING it!!.... Dang! I need to get myself a serger!!!

Cennetta said...

Perfect summer/vacation dress.