Friday, September 26

Easy Button

Happy Friday!!

I've been taking it easy on my arm this week. I decided to just rest. Studied up Just Pockets bookmarked a ton of resources (more to follow) and re-read one of my fave fiction books. and I got a chance to do some minor on and off site fabric shopping and rediscovered my fabric stash!

I was hanging out in Joann's earlier this week and longingly stared at the pretty sari fabrics - for a while. I wanted to buy YARDS upon YARDS but had no idea what to make, they were just too fancy for my wardrobe. To appease myself I bought only a yard of a beautiful hot pink & gold print and decided it could be a neck wrap. A couple of weeks ago little sis and I discussed how we'd like to incorporate more neckwear into our wardrobes as she picked up a pretty scarf in her fall shopping travels.

Got the piece home and serged a narrow three thread edge in shiny gold, hot pink & yellow, working with what I already had, they all blended perfectly. While I was playing around with the neck wrapping, I had a moment of clarity. Those one & two yard "wonders" I've purchased can become neck wraps! AND from now on I don't have to pass up on any impulse fabric!!! Now why didn't I think of that before, so simple right? Now I have permission to cancel my fabric buying fast and Little sis, you are about to make a come up on some scarves, on your next visit.

The biggest benefit though is having a warm, yet stylish neck.

I didn't want to be "sari" I passed up on such pretty fabric :)
Yay for stash busting!!!


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

What a cool idea. I think they'll make excellent "zawadi"!

narcissaqtpie said...

for sure! since now I won't be crocheting :)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Pretty, I am gonna do the neck thing this fall too!

Breath of Light said...

Oh hush up! lol. I just went to Joann's during my lunch break to grap fabric for scarves! I have a special design in mind tho and plan to sell them in my etsy store. Hopefully I'll break out that camera and post some pics up in my blog over the weekend.

the sari fabric is really beautiful. i may have to go back and get some of that.

<3 Shawnta said...

Cool idea!!! All those little pieces now have a propose instead of being jacket/pocket liners!

chiarmika said...

what a nice idea...great!
I`ve found your blog,because I looked for a simplicity pattern....I still haven`t it...grrr
I like your blog and surely will come back soon

many greetings from Germany

fly tie said...

good rationalization. i'm a big fan of neck wear.

i'm glad *somebody (s)* are able to find something at joanns lately, cause other than the solid colored broadcloth and country classic solids, the one here is a disappointment for me at the present moment. :-(

thank goodness for elder ladies and other people giving me gifts of fabric from their stashes.