Wednesday, September 24

Sew Scurred

Last night I took a deep breath and went through the Vogue bin and picked out:

I am making the pants since it goes along with my fall "get cute" goal. I am using a khaki cotton/poly/spandex twill, and if these turn out well I'd like another pair in denim.

These slim fit pants feature a fly front, piping helltothenaw and *gasp*
real welt pockets.
ohmigosh.gonna.pass.out. OK ladies over there --->>>
please help me if I call on you!! hepmepleeeeeze

Plus, I have my pockets book, which I'm thinking shouldn't be read as a fairytale anymore... So I should be fine. I really am nervous, but as Carolyn reminded me it's just fabric. OK, breathe, Nikia.

My hand was feeling a bit better so I measured and cut out the pattern yikes last night. I'm going with my usual 14 but I will need to add 2 inches to the inseam.

I'd love to make the blouse, but I'll hold my horses for now.


toy said...

there you go, welt pockets is a good start as long as you do a couple test samples. Can't wait to see the finished garment.

Elaray said...

My advice on welt pockets - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! There are no shortcuts. Take it one step at a time. My favorite method comes from Pants for Real People. Also, there's a good tutorial on BurdaEnglish.

Stormee said...

There are so many ways to make welt pockets, don't get "scurred" jut keep trying til you get it right. I have developed (my own way) a very easy way to make welt pockets. I just did one this morning. A piece of cake. What kind of welts are you making?

Musawwir said...

I'm scurred myself, period. (time for me to breakout the patterns, it has to be more than several tubs full) It's nice to see someone who takes the time to do this. Eager to see your results, keep the faith, you got talent!