Saturday, September 6


Now that the summer is closing and (middle) school (yikes!) has started, I can start my fall/winter wishful sewing. Kiddo is in uniforms this year, so no kiddo sweatshopping! Bittersweet, but maybe I will get a more substantial closet update.

There are too many trends to figure out so I want to stick to trying to maintain a fresh, young look that fits my style (and future plans). I have noticed that I tend to get stuck in a rut after a while and just throw on anything that matches, and my Birkenstock type slippers (yessss that horrid!)

I'm ready to be consistently cute, like Toy, she is dressed to kill, and it all begins at her sewing machine! This lets me know that, Yes I Can. My $$ goal is to try to sew only from my pattern stash, and pull more from my fabric stash.

We'll see how that goes because McCall's has some cute fall dresses! The rest of the pattern companies have less than stellar offerings (except Hot Patterns, O-M-G...) which helps me stick to my guns about reducing my pattern stash. Although, I did pick up some vintage goodies & some really nice fabrics from my aunt's stash. But, I let my Burda WOF subscription end and am planning a massive cleanup, so I am on the right track.

My Fall Focus
photos from Saks & Neiman Marcus

1. Skinny(er) pants BCBG
Simplicity 2860 (new this season)
Simplicity 3631 (already have)
Plus BWOF has nice pants

2. Belted Dresses in various silhouettes
Chetta B
Vogue 1025 (already have)
McCall's 5753 (new this season)

Kay Unger
Simplicity 2996
Simplicity 4171 oop (already have)

Magaschoni Collection
Simplicity 2894 (already have)

3. The Casual Sheath, Piazza Sempione
With the pockets & the fit. I think I can wear this without feeling too dressed up.
McCall's 5701 (already have)

4. The Blouse
3.1 Phillip Lim
BWOF 1-2008-125 (still enamored)
McCall's 5661 (already have)

Alice + Olivia
(Dear A + O please start designing dresses, blouses and jackets for the Vogue pattern line. Like for real!!)
Burda 7726 (trying not to buy)
Vogue 2912 (already have)
Vogue 2946 (already have)

5. I also want to do more jackets, but I will just go with the flow on those.

6. Bold Color (combos)

This inspiration will put a focus on my fabric buying and hopefully help put to good use a good chunk of my current stash.

Piazza Sempione
DKNYciao peeps!


Rachel said...

I love the way you take rtw fashions and show patterns to make them. That really helps me. I love your blog.

<3 Shawnta said...

Girl I know what you mean about "consistently cute" I hate the heart attacks people have when I put on "clothes". Makes me feel like I walk around in a potato sack or something LOL! I'm going through my patterns and fabric myself to come up with a plan. I really like how you compare the RTW to the patterns, very helpful like Rachel said.

fly tie said...

great choices. love the cut of that red dress and the last pic. with the yellow and black outift. can't wait to see what you come up with.

ps. i think i'm the queen of just throwing anything on..and it don't always match, ha!

toy said...

thanks for the pattern suggestion, I agree, you always have a good eye for what patterns represent the rtw garment best and you have some really cute designer inspiration here, I hope to see some of your versions made you, you will be looking very very cute for fall

gold said...

Nice patterns you picked out.I just got off a pattern diet for the summer.I thought I wouldn't make it ,but I did.Now I can buy some patterns!!But I am going to slow down on how many I buy, because I have so many patterns it crazy!!So good luck on your pattern diet you can do it!! :)

Meg said...

I'm going to have to borrow that---"consistently cute", because my mother would really appreciate it if I would practice it. I like your taste!