Thursday, September 18

Color me bad

McCall's 5327
in flannel w/ crochet flowers (I finally used some them, girl!) attached.

Butterick 5247 belted and unbeltedanother Vogue 8420 in stretch satin.
The other one was worn out. I need to find a nice belt to wear with this one.
Sorry about this post just being a bunch of wack pics. I have been trying to post for two days now but every time I sit down to run my mouth fingers, life comes at me fast.

two fingers....


Alexandra said...

I love the way that Butterick dress looks on you! Great neckline, too. I think I need that pattern.

fly tie said...

whoa now! nice crocheting there. love the fabric selection for that dress.

Musawwir said...

my hair is desprate need of the hat! Great job on the sewing.

Breath of Light said...

I thought those flowers looked familiar! lol. I'm a much better flower maker now too. So let me know if you'd like more. I'm diggin the flannel blazer like something serious.

Sheila said...

Hello Sewl Sista and Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely compliment on my dress.

You have definitely been busy and your garments look great.