Thursday, October 23

better pics

My camera was returned or should I say retrieved from the principal's office...ahem, but I wont go there tonight. Here are those pics I took. The thrill is gone now but I did review and enter kiddo's costume into the PR Costume Contest. I looked through the entries and they are all so adorable!! Especially Stacy's OMG soooooooooo cute!!!!!

Here is the preggo shirt - unaltered. I retried it on today and will for sure undo the back darts, and let out the hem some for future bigness. Another concern though is the bust area. It's already getting tight. Time will tell though.

(The pic links to my McCall's flickr set sorry for being lazy and not pasting them on the post)
Later peeps!!


Nancy K said...

Ah, the dress brings back memories! My dd, who is now 22 had Addy and that matching dress, no I did not make it, it was available from American Girl. Well, she has packed Addy away, but the dress is long gone. Your dd looks adorable.

Tracey said...

Kiddos's dress/costume is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to show my daughter tomorrow!

fly tie said...

ok as many times as i've seen your daughter in photos, only now i'm i realizing how much she favors you. she looks adorable. :-)

(and the lil monkey costume is too cute!)

alviana said...

beautiful lovely dress! perfect for her :)