Monday, October 20

A cure for insomnia

My apologies for the late posting but my energy levels have been next to nothing for the past two weeks. I literally slept about 18 hours on Sunday and much of Saturday, and to think just weeks ago I was an insomniac.

My apologies for showing crappy cell phone pics of the two finished projects that were done over two weeks ago. Due to my "condition" I am suffering a lingering bout of light nausea, sore breasts and CFS (Can't Find Shyt!!!) Just today I lost my flash drive with my resume and some other personal docs and my camera is M.I.A.!! But enough with the whining...

This is McCall's 5664, which was a fun & quick distraction from my pants. It's made in a red cotton batiste. Following the PR reviews that said it was narrow on the back, I cut the back one size bigger (16). I should have measured first because I didn't need to do that. I ended up taking in the back darts a whole lot and the upper back is a tad too wide in the middle.

I initially thought it would be a cute layering piece under a cardigan or a blazer for work. Once I tried it on I thought that it made me look too preggo and decided it was a wadder. Little did I know... So this will be a staple once the major bigness comes and I'll let the back darts back out and let the hem out another inch. I want to make the short sleeve version because it really is a cute top.

Only the front of my pants are done. I am going to work on the back pockets try them on and see if I want to do a maternity band. I'm still thinking about it and will try to muster up the energy this weekend.

I had some REALLY cute pics of kiddo in her Addy Walker costume!! But yea, here is Simplicity 3725. This was sooo fun to make, and there is a bonnet as well. I'm so glad I got it done way early so she can wear it for the next two weekends for Halloween festivities. She's really pleased with the costume.

My life right now is taking another major turn, many decisions to be made over the next 8 months. I had my first child 11 years ago, so I feel like this is all new again, but not so new, there are some things I will do differently because of what I've learned.

I'm hopeful that this child won't turn me into a monster (those pictures have been burned) like kiddo did or yall won't see me again until I drop this load.

Overall, I am extremely happy that kiddo will have a little brother or sister now. That is the best gift I could ever give her (I know my sissies were my favorite gift from my mama)

My camera should turn up soon, it's gotta be in this house somewhere...


Anonymous said...

I agree. As much of a pain as it is, it is the best gift you could give her. Man, what we do for our kids!

LoverofWords said...

Congrats on the new baby. I dont have kids so no pregnancy wisdom to give.

I like the red shirt I think I will try to make it myself.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the wonderful news! Exciting times ahead!

fly tie said...

i was just 'bout to say, "wait a're having a baby?? how'd i miss the memo??" then i scrolled to the previous post and saw the memo, lol! that's so beautiful. :-)

Stormee said...

You have got to finish those pants,even if you don't like them, and then go back and make them again til you like them. the dress is beautiful. You are such an artistic seamstress. I pray that you continue to love sewing, it is a dying art.

Kat said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I pulling up the rear of the line but still...BIG CONGRATS on the new baby, great news. It is nice that your girl will have a sibling. It is especially nice when they have grown up and aren't alone in this great big world.
Congrats again.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Congrats!! So exciting. I love babies, but hated being pregnant. Guess I didn't hate it too much, I had 4!