Friday, December 19

Do you believe in ghosts?

Wednesday on the way to school kiddo and I were discussing her plans for next week's winter break. When I informed her that she may have to spend at least one day home alone, she told me she was afraid. I asked why because I work about 7 miles away, her Grandma was less than 3 miles, and she would be on her computer all day distracted by Spore anyway.
She said that someone died in the house and that there was a ghost. I asked why this all of a sudden when she has never really been afraid of monsters, demons or anything of the like. She only recently -within the past year- expressed a fear of the dark. She has read almost every RL Stine series available. I immediately attributed to too much TV (now why did I let her watch I Am Legend?) She's 11.

She said that was not it, and she doesn't know why she thinks this. I tried to appease her nerves by letting her know that we are only the second owners, and we met with the family who lived here before us. She asked what kind of family, how many people? I told her about them and she didn't say anything further. And that was that.

Well, that Weds. night our furnace went out, out of nowhere. Luckily, we got it fixed the next day, some screw just "came loose".

Thursday night kiddo becomes ill vomiting all night. Hubby and I think it came from a bad bag of romaine salad that neither of us ate, but you can never be sure with the germs children pass around. That night, I also saw a really weird bug on the stairs to the basement, I've never seen a bug like it anywhere. We usually have spiders and the occasional cricket.

Today, a rainy Friday, all seemed well and I am nursing kiddo back to health for a busy weekend, and all of a sudden lights are randomly flickering when I turn them on. That conversation immediately popped in my mind--she talked about a ghost and now look at the week we've had... I can't believe I even went there. I think I have a screw loose.

As an adult I don't think I believe in ghosts, although about a decade ago, I swore I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a little girl standing at the foot of the bed and I frequently have sleep paralysis. Just dreams right? I love sci-fi and ghost stories. I watch horror flicks alone, in the dark and they never scare me. I want to live in an old historic house that has a "soul"... Maybe I'm a witch!! -naw. But in the back of my mind the supernatural is not "real" it's more mental. Our brains are incredible.

For some reason I'm scared to ask kiddo more information about this "ghost" in our little townhouse, and I can't believe I am posting this. Hopefully this weirdness is over now that I've discussed it with myself.


patsijean said...

I am not sure that there are not earth-bound spirits but do know that they are not interested in me. However, I do often have very vivid dreams with long plot lines. Sometimes these dreams are excape dreams and this is when I experience sleep paralisis. I've experienced this for most of my adult life and have all the sensations except for the hallucinations. Nothing to worry about as this is a natural occurance.

Anonymous said...

Take her fears seriously. There are ghosts, trust me on that one. Kids are more sensitive to these things than adults are.

Years ago here was one in my house, my then 3yr old son was always scared to 'death' pun not didn't know why, because usually I can feel it too. Then my new neighbour told me that the previous owner from whom we had purchased the house was the actual builder of the house. The woman my DH met while he was talking the purchasing deal was the owner's second wife. The first wife died shortly after they had built the house and moved in. She was only 40 and didn't wake up from surgery for a brain tumor. She was definitely still here.
I'll tell you though that my sister died approx 2 years after we moved in here and that ghost disappeared. That was very strange!

Sharon said...

I would take your daughter's comment to heart. I agree w/ Anon. that children are more sensitive to the spiritual side of things. I wouldn't believe it but have heard experiences w/ children in our family who have either seen long-lost relatives or spirits that have lingered around the house. Case in point, my dad died in 1987 and about 2 years later, my uncle moved into our house after we moved out. Late one night, the baby was crying and fussing, so my aunt went to fix the toddler a bottle of milk in the kitchen. She took the toddler with her and placed him in his high-chair across the kitchen window and she turned to the refrigerator and she heard her son say, "Who's that man at the window?" She freaked out and brave as she was, she went outside to make sure there wasn't an intruder. To this day, they are convinced it was my father, looking in, wondering who was in his house. Needless to say, they moved out soon after this incident.
I would either pray if you believe in that or do a cleansing ceremony of some sort.

Kat said...

I don't know if the term "ghost" describes what I believe, but I do believe there are a number of dimensions we, as humans, cannot comprehend, nor understand. However, my own personal belief is that psychic phenomena or seeing ghosts is likely attributed to certain people having a heightened awareness/sensitivity of these alternate dimensions. I also find quantum physics fascinating too.

fly tie said...

that's a bit freaky.

i was just in the bed flipping through channels and had to pass on _Carrie_ cause i'm not up for watching those sorts of movies alone. yeah, i'm a wimp. :-/