Saturday, December 20

Bit the bullet

I made some semi-bucket pants. Talk about the next best thing to sweats! I need more.

yes, i'm making the stank face :)

They aren't actual maternity pants, they are Vogue 1020 made one size up in a 16. They feel like sweats, look like regular pants. I think the sizing is OK, they still fall down a bit, especially in the A.M. before superbloat sets in. They have plenty of growing room.
I made them in a polyester ponte knit from Joann's so they are nice and warm for the winter. Too bad the color selection for this fabric sucks, I'd love another pair in navy and dark gray. They actually have those colors but they look too polyester.

I can't even manage a smile, but I feel great. My jeans are OUT at this point in the game.
I may go thrifting for a pair or two to preg-ify.

I'm actually excited about this pattern because of the dress and the top. I'm wondering how the dress would look on a preggo bod. I'd most def go with a solid color.


Amy said...

I love your idea of using just a knit band for low-rise pants in an earlier post. I notice that you seem to be showing pretty good. I'm 18 weeks with my third and I swear that I didn't look this big until I was 6 1/2 months with my first!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you are looking quite pretty. You are very pretty anyway but now you glow!

Back Porch Blessings said...

I think the pants look great on you wish I would have looked as good as you do when I was pregnant with my 4 kiddos. I gained a ton of weight with each one, my oldest is 16 and my youngest 5 and I have a 14yo and 11yo in between and I swear I am still careing all of their baby weight on my butt,lol....

cidell said...

They really do look like regular pants. That's great!