Friday, March 20

Bump It

The baby finally allowed me enough energy to finish McCall's 5814 for my sister. Here's a preview pic.

a couple more are at Flickr

She's on vacay so I can't get a pic of her in the whole outfit yet, but I will post as soon as I get it. I'm anxious to see.

I had a ton of energy at the beginning of my second trimester but it quickly waned now that trimester 3 is approaching. As a matter of fact I'm about to go lay down as soon as I publish this post. Here's a pic of me & the bump as of today. The monstrosity (all over bloating) I faced last pregnancy has not set in yet so I can still show my face :)

excuse the face, the photographer was being a preteen.

I am also cleaning out my pattern stash. So far I'm on the Simplicity box. I've recycled several cut patterns and found four uncut that I will most likely never make. They are all searchable on the Simplicity website

Hit me up via email narcissaqtpie @ if you want to have the following patterns for free. First come first serve. I will check my messages in the morning...

2804 size 14-22
2876 size 7-14
3530 size 14-22
4099 size 6-14

all gone...


Margaret said...

A few things -

Firstly, GREAT job on the McCall's pattern!! I'm not sure yet how much of a fan I am of their stuff but what you made (can't think of its name for whatever reason .... ) turned out GREAT!!

Second, you look fantastic!! When I was that far along I was MUCH bigger in every sense of the word. Granted, you're having one. I had two. But still. You look great! I hope you continue to post at least belly pics, I think they're fab : )

And third .... do you have any of those patterns left? I'd love to have even one so let me know please : ) If you'd rather send me a private message, I'm at gmail under woodsamyh ( .... feel free to hit me up and I'd love to talk. Doesn't matter the subject either : )

Now tell me you got a nap after the post!! LOL Take care of yourself and enjoy the last 13 or so weeks of pregnancy - they'll fly by and the time from birth on (which I think you know about too) will fly on by .... Take care!!

Adrienne said...

You look great girl!

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Girl, you are doing better than me at this stage. You look adorable and so does the vest. I know she'll love it.

gold said...

Great job on the b-day gift. Girl you look great and you are still doing some sewing, you are doing good..:)

fly tie said...

"As a matter of fact I'm about to go lay down as soon as I publish this post."


i really like that picture of you. but then again i'm biased towards pregnant women! :-) you do look lovely, though.