Sunday, May 31

Kanubia (mad pics)

No, no baby yet. He's just hanging out, taking his time, just like his dad... And very much like his dad i believe he'll start rushing me when he is eventually ready lol! But I have been just hanging too. Getting as much rest as he will allow. I'm still working and plan on it until he comes or Doc says to stop.

Friends, family, colleagues and others have been extremely generous and giving towards me which is something I am SO not used to. I am usually the one helping out with the giving - which always makes me happy to do. To be "taken care of" when you're so used to ripping and running and getting things done is a new feeling for me, it took some acceptance at first, because I am the "I'll get it for you, even at my inconvenience" & "I'd rather just do it myself than wait for..." type. I hate asking for help from anyone (yes I'm one of those)!

But I appreciate all of those who have been surrounding me & the bambino-to-be with love & support. I did not have that available with my first pregnancy, it was just me & hubby "in the wilderness" as he says. We made it and it made us stronger. But I have recently learned that you also get stronger when you accept help! To say the least I have been OVERWHELMED (in a very good way) by the kindness of others in my life. Yes lots of tears of joy in the last few weeks. :)

But anywayz the fun stuff...

In my family sewing isn't just for clothing/crafts. My last sewing project was a weave for a client who wishes to remain unidentified. ha! Check out the pics:

just done - prestyled. She needs to separate & fuzz up the curls and shape up the style. She WILL NOT be walking around with these giant glistening curls! LMAO!!

Me acting a fool. "I'm Rick James B*tch."
(Warning, vulgar language!)"F*** yo couch!" (Warning, vulgar language!)

& Yes kiddo had to jump on the Fu Manchu bandwagon and tease my sis--Client.

Weaves are actually no biggie but I was tickled by the name on the package of hair. For some goofball reason I could not stop laughing at the name Kanubia. I have a "different" sense of humor though...

As far as baby sewing I am about 95% done I have one more project planned & cut and I'll call it a wrap. It's the Cheeky Monkey laundry bag from Amy Butler's Little Stitches. I would like to get it done before he gets here, but I am taking my time because of the energy allowance. But here's what's good.

baby shower dress.
Simplicity 3803 modified by cutting 1.5 inches from the front & back midriff pieces.
I also add 3 inches at the center front skirt tapering back up to meet the sides. Click the pic for a larger view. I will try to remember to get a better pic when I wear it next week.

removeable/washable changing pad cover (no pattern just a rectangle with a velcro opening on the back.
Curtains previously sewn YEARS ago for hubby. (this used to be his office) They coordinated so I left them.
I had this 2-door cabinet in my office area. It used to house my scanner, some books & photo printer. Since I'm cheap I rearranged some things and put it in the nursery until I'm ready to get real furniture. I covered the doors using glue. I got the drawers since they match the crib. These are closetmaid pieces from Target.
Cheater boppy & cover made from Simplicity 3561. I call it a cheat because, the cover fabric was a couple of bucks from the remnant bin & I made the pillow using the pattern for the pillowcover and some stashed muslin instead of dropping $20 for a Nurture nest pillowform. I purchased some Polyfill stuffing w/ my Joann coupon (paid about $2.50). The Nurture nest pillow is stuffed w/ polyfill anyway...
baby wrap from Butterick 4461. All cotton fabrics to keep it cooler for summer.

modified a gown from Ross for the hospital. Just added an invisible zip down the front. Can you see it? lol!
Diaper caddy from McCall's 4855 I left off the side pockets.

Phew seems like a lot! But I'm REALLY ready to start thinking about sewing for me again. I'll be patient tho. Gotta be.


gold said...

Everything is looking so cute!!

Sew-Ann said...

Awww all this baby stuff is making me want another one (chea, by next week I will be swearing at my womb).

Love that Jheri curl and loc thing you got going with the weave lol.


Great to see you are keeping busy.

gema said...

Love the earthy colours in your nursery. That baby is taking his own sweet time, doesn't he know we are all anxiously awaiting his arrival?
Please let him

fly tie said...

lmao @ "my last sewing project was a weave..."

ya know, i used to laugh a some of those weave names, too. "kanubia" trips me out cause it's an urbanization of a word that's usually held in such high regards, lol! (nothing against urbanization...just sayin')

you're so handy! it all looks great.
(and i'm that type too..."let me inconvenience myself to help others.") it does feel amazing when you're able to just let go and allow others to take care of you for a change.