Monday, April 27

Get it right now

With less than two months left it's no use in sewing maternity. I did luck into getting some hand me downs from my cousin to get me through to the end. (Thanks cousin B!)

So at the moment I'm thinking postpartum fashions, (oxymoron!) things that will be easy to wear and clean while nursing and getting pooped on, but still look cute ;) I spent my last maternity leave shlumping around in sweats. I think stepping it up in the wardrobe department could possibly help out with any baby blues I might encounter.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to fit any sewing in once baby arrives, so I'd better make what I can now. Naturally I can't try these on now because of a certain protrusion :)

These items were made little by little over the past few weeks...

2nd try. in cotton/poly interlock. I did my first FBA!!!!
It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and the fit turned out great. I did one mod and narrowed the midriff to make it look more like the current hi-waist maxi dresses. Oh and no zipper since this is in knit. I didn't hem it since it's just a kick around dress. With the leftover fabric you see on the hanger I'll wrap my hair.

This is made with a cotton found in the quilter's section of Joann's.
They have some cute stuff don't sleep.
I made a combo of view B's bodice and view D's tiered skirt - no ribbon.
No mods needed on this there is lots of ease built in on top and as depicted on the pattern cover the neckline is not extremely low! I plan on wearing this as a nursing gown since it's pretty easy access to the food supply & easy to make. I'll try to make a couple more if possible.

I also made some super easy
Burp Cloths
from a gifted quilt kit, some remnants and a package of Gerber burp cloths.
This was a nice mindless project to do on a Friday evening.

...and will soon finish (& photograph) two
Nursing coverups. They just need to be hemmed, boned & strapped :) ...see tutorial

I have cut out Vogue 1052 pants in a plum colored linen but we'll see how that goes. To wear with the pants, I have the fabric & pattern for Butterick 5084 - this should be easy enough to plow through.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great looking dresses.I love the teal interlock.

Anonymous said...

great job on the dresses :)

Aminat said...

Your dresses are well made. Sure will serve their purpose. Girl at this stage... you got lots of energy, keep it up and have a lovely week

Margaret said...

They look great!! LOVE the material : ) Watch for mail : )

Newness of Life said...

someone is REALLY been busy! lol. I love that dress. If by chance it doesn't fit, just send it to me.

fly tie said...

wow! only 2 months left already???

i like the concept of having cute gear to wear post-pregnancy. i'm hoping you'll be pleased with what i'll be sending your way...soon... :-D