Monday, January 4


After some thinking, I made some sewing resolutions this year:

  1. Buy only ONE pattern per month. (gasp & swoon)
  2. Reduce pattern stash by 100.
  3. Get a REAL wardrobe. Based on Tim Gunn's 10 essentials.
  4. Get rid of 1/2 of my fabric stash, sewing or otherwise.

***Reward myself with a special gift if I succeed at my goals at year's end. ***

    Only a few, cause you know I'm fickle.
    1.  I already bought January's pattern (on the 1st, lol) and IT WASNT ON SALE. Oh snap. I was desperate though. It was the new Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern, I only got it becuase I knew I'd never get it once it went on sale. I tried for months to buy Vogue 1151 at several Joann's in Baltimore, but it was always gone so I got it via BMV. I'm also not renewing my BMV membership to help disable temptation, because Vogue is my fave pattern company. It ends this month.
    2. My pattern addiction is hampering my mojo. I just have too many. I don't know what to sew!! I HAVE to get rid of 10 or more patterns per month. Less clutter = productivity.
    3. I feel like I have nothing to wear - especially for this year's personal goals, so I need to stop whining and do something about it. I am not going to sew everything, but I promise myself not to go for the cheapest option, whether I sew it or buy it. I need things to last.
    4. Ahh the fabric stash. I still have a lot of junk i'm holding on to. I see freecycle in my future. Stay tuned... I can honestly say my 2009 purchases were of quality - except some total crap from Joann "Simply Silky Prints". Lesson learned. I will be able to resist fabric buying because I have a very frugal outlook for '10. Hubby is on the verge of finishing school and birthtown is looking less like a mirage (now housing market get it together PLEASE!!!)
    I feel pretty solid about these goals so I'm going to print this posting and tack it to my inspiration board.


      Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

      If you wanna lighten your pattern load..... think of me! I don't wear pants!

      Melissa said...

      Great goals! I too need to get a better wardrobe going. I sew lots of mismatched pieces and it's not really working for me.

      Anonymous said...

      Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

      sewistafashionista said...

      Wow! What incredible goals for 2010. Only one pattern per month. Very, very hard.

      But in our hearts I think most home sewers share your goals of busting their pattern and fabric stash, and sewing up a coherent wardrobe instead of just hit or miss pieces as I often do because I have impulse bought fabric that doesn't go with anything else I own.

      Look forward to seeing how your project goes over the year. Good Luck!