Saturday, January 9

My must have notions

(In no particular order)

These are the tools I use for virtually every sewing project.

Sharp cutters I MUST have an extra sharp rotary blade & extra sharp scissors when cutting. I love it then fabric slices like hot butter and I love the sound of the scissor blades rubbing & snapping together. Gives me a chill. (for real!!) To keep blades sharp longer I have a Dritz rotary blade sharpener (it really works) and I keep my scissors clean, stored in the original case and use them for fabric only - not even interfacing.

Self healing cutting mat I use it of course for rotary cutting but also to measure and mark fabric when cutting straight lines & also to match hem lengths. The grid is pretty accurate. To maintain my mat sand it lightly with a fine grain sanding sponge.

Dritz Measuring Gauge I use this to check my seam allowances, verify seam allowance from needle position, and to mark hems on small areas (sleeves, baby clothes)

Dritz EZY-HEM I cannot make hems without it. You can make straight & curved hems. I lost this once and I REFUSED to sew until I replaced it.

Quilters Rulers Indispensable tools for adding length to patterns & cutting bindings. I love that they come in a variety of lengths, they are clear & easy to read. I have quite a few in my tool arsenal but the ones I use most frequently are June Tailor Binding Buddy, Wrights Easy Rule II 6.5"x24" and Wrights Easy Rule Jr 3.5" x 9.5"

crayola washable markers I know we are supposed to use tailor's chalk or water soluble pens but I don't like them. I need a dark mark that doesn't run the risk of fading or being rubbed off until I wash it. I mainly sew with machine washables so I haven't had any problems.

Dritz transfer paper & tracing wheel for marking darts and to mark dark fabrics I use this

Pressing I have a full size iron (Rowenta Effective) and a mini steam iron Black & Decker Gizmo). I use them both a lot, but for big jobs I use the full size.

Pins I confess I don't like to baste (hated it) I will use 500 pins before I machine and don't even ask me to hand baste. They are convenient & I just pull them out as I sew. My only gripe is that they end up EVERYWHERE so I need a magnetic pin holder. I'll get it next sale.

Apron w/ pockets If I don't wear my apron, I will lose my seam ripper, my scissors, my seam guide & my sanity. Also prevents me from being COVERED in thread scraps and fabric fuzzies. I tend to lay things anywhere. I have lost so many things never to be found again and I don't even have that much room in my area or my house. I SWEAR there must be a notion gremlin who comes and steals your tools when you turn away for a split second. Simplicity 5525 was one of my first back to sewing projects a few years ago.

(p.s. didn't feel like taking a bunch of pics, so I found most of these online.)


Victoria said...

Hey Lady! I love the idea of the sewing apron. That's an awesome idea. Can't tell you where all my seam rippers and gauges have gone. This is a great way to keep up with them!!!

Tamara said...

I couldn't sew with out the measuring gauge or the EZ-HEM. I have about 5 measuring gauges around. I lose one and buy another and then find the first and lose again and buy another and so on and so on. They are such handy tools.

Mz.Choize said...

I know I probably shouldn't, but instead of chalk or any other disappearing ink (that always disappear b-4 I sew it!) I use "white gel pens" yes white! It shows up perfectly on most fabrics, and I stock pile them just in case they stop making them, lol.

fly tie said...

i could def. use a rotary cutter. i've even had a dream about those! and yeah...dull scissors drive me insane.

those see through rulers HAVE to be one of the best creations ever.