Wednesday, February 10

No sew, just snow

For the past few weeks, my mojo has been crippled by work & the winter blues, and sewing has come to a halt. This whole blizzard thing happening now is NOT HELPING, yes I'm off work, but being home all day with JR is causing him to become increasingly clingy & nothing is getting done. Except kissingfeedingdiaperchangingrockingbathingsingingticklingwipingupdrool & trying to stop him yanking my hair out....

I get about 10-15 minutes to myself then:
& he still ain't saying ma-ma

Yea. So....

By week's end he will have to be surgically removed from my hip. The few naps he maybe takes last 10-30 minutes. But honestly, I am not mad. Though Kiddo & I spent every waking moment together, she keeps herself entertained-not detached-just independent & totally into Dad and still is! I'm liking Jr's attachment, he's my sweet little Mama's Boy and he knows it.

He is still sleeping well at night, but by 10:00pm my brain completely shuts down. The only thing I can focus on at this point is moving furniture. So AGAIN for the 300th time I rearranged my basement sewing area. Though this time, I think I got it right.

A few weeks ago I managed to kick hubby out by convincing him that Jr needed a play area, & because he is wanting to walk.  Once I set up the play-yard, I rearranged my stuff. My only issue in the area is hubby's EMPTY fish tank. If he doesn't add fish by summer, it's going on Craigslist.

I converted my craft armoire into a computer armoire by removing the extension. Moved all my computer/work related junk in there.

Next, setup a new sewing & cutting area & rearranged my stash. Got rid of the crappy Joann cutting table that is completely destroyed, and opted to again use my old dining table. I added a 3/4"x40"x70" piece of plywood on top, cut & purchased at Home Depot.

The height is OK at 32" since I am cutting & sewing on the same table. I tried adding bed risers to bring it to 36" but it was too tall & overwhelmed the area. I stapled on a stash-busting skirt to cover up the stash additional junk. At some point I am going to finish those projects I laid out - mojo willing. In order left-to-right they are:
1. pajama pants for Jr, cut from dad's old shirts 2. Vogue 8561 just needing elastic 3. bibs for Jr cut from old t-shirts, needing neck ties 4. Vogue 8480 about 3/4 finished
 (Yes, that is a new sewing machine, and no, I don't want to talk about it.)

This is my view from the machines. Jr's new play area, he likes it pretty good, except when he needs me, which has been ALL DAY for the last 2 days. It keeps him busy when he wants to practice standing/climbing/yelling. Soon I will need to expand it because he wants to walk.

Patterns & stuff more junk. All four drawers are FULL.

 Lower shelving area with notions & stuff even more junk

I am going to try my best to break through this slump & have something to show for this snowy shut-in.

Wish me luck.


Elaray said...

Your picture of the view from your machine reminded me of when my daughter was a baby. I had visions of her playing happily in a play pen in the sewing room while I sewed cute little baby outfits. It never worked out that way! If I was in her sight, she felt compelled to fuss until I gave her my full attention. Don't you just love babies! Give Jr. a hug from me! :-)

Melissa said...

Ahh, what a sweetie pie wanting to love on his mama. :-) Sorry you're trapped with snow, so glad it's not me! lol Your sewing room is looking great and I can atest that I accumulate lots of *extra things* as well. Hope your mojo returns soon.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

He is such a cutie!

I truly believe that a sewing room needs to be re-organized a "few" times before it feels just right.

Hope you get your Mojo back soon, it must be hanging out with mine :I

Dei said...

Him a sugar man! Just love him up because you'll turn around and he'll be asking for your keys.

Hang in there, at least you've gotten your sewing room the way you like.

Victoria said...

You've carved out a nice space for your sewing. I love how you have it set up so you can keep his play area in view. I have a 2 1/2 y.o. and it gets a little tricky trying to sew and keep her "safely" occupied. Your Son is a cutie! Of course time with him is always well spent:) Your mojo will be back in no time

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Isn't he a cutie! Love the way your rearranged everything. Being the mom of 28 & 26 year old girls, enjoy those precious moments. Time is fleeting. Now they do their own thing and I can sew to my hearts content.

Adrienne said...

He has gotten SOOOOOOOOO big! TOO CUTE!

fly tie said...

well i enjoyed THIS.

so funny/cute seeing lil man in your sewing area.

i can see it now...jr on your front or back in a baby sling while you cutting, sewing, and taking pics like it's nothing, ha!

Anonymous said...

Your sewing room looks good. Love your sewing and cutting table. Jr is handsome Time seems to fly I can't believe he will be walking soon. Glad to see he is doing fine good luck with the sewing mojo.

KimT said...

Your son is a cutie pie. I can relate. My son is soon to be 11 months old and wants our attention all the time. But, like you, I am enjoying it thoroughly!

Lizz M said...

I am a new mother of twins and I used a playpen instead of the gates at my sewing area, because I am afraid that I may get some pins on the carpet and the babies may find it. Also it works for me sometimes only if I have Dora on. That is the only way for my babies to give me at least 40 minutes for sewing which I usually end up using for doing laundry. They are 16 months now.