Thursday, April 15

Bad Rapper Pants

Yes those pants a.k.a Hammer Pants > Droopy Drawers > Genie Pants > Malvin Pants... & whatever else you want to call them. They get a bad "rap" because they really are kind of weird looking. Tight at the ankle, super loose at the hip and drapey in the crotch; not the most pleasing silhouette eh? A lot of them look like a skirt with legs... just bad. Beware when wearing them as you may get side eye glances, hear gasps of horror (true story) when you enter a room, and even semi compliments ("Your shoes look very--enhanced-- by your pants." LMAO!!!) But just KNOW that you are ahead of the fashion game. (okayyyyy maybe notsomuch)

Not all harem pants so Hammer-ish/Alladin-ish. While they can go to the extreme...

...a less subtle crotch can be really stylish. Making sure the crotch depth is not too low for your leg length is the key.

Low drop + short legs = ungood.

Of course if you're about the severe crotch I say go for it!

You can really work the trend by pairing the right tops & accessories. Really there is no limit!

  • You can go dressy with a camisole & heels.
  • Go casual with a body skimming - but not tight - tee.
  • Wear a fitted jacket or vest.
  • Button down blouses look great.
I think the tighter tops make the pants stand out too much. You need something "semi-fitted" on top. You can also get a way with going loose up top, but not long.

Not everyone can (or will, most people HATE EM, lol!!!!) wear these pants, but I think they can be ├╝ber-kewl done "right."

Now these are right up my alley. I'm always for the loose & casual look.
I'm totally gonna go for it, and make it a staple look for me.

Check out the DVF outfit SO GORGEOUS!!!

  You don't have to look like you are carrying a load in your pants, to get the look.
If you kinda like the look but really can't see yourself pulling it off, what about the pleated trouser? These are no longer your 80's/90's sitcom dad pants. The waist is set lower and the pleats have drape. I loooove these. I'd say most ages/sizes can get away with these - again be aware of the crotch depth and be carefule to balance out your top or you may end up looking like Sinbad (either one, lol!!)

Pattern List (not a complete list):
Pleated trousers
BurdaFashion Magazine:  October 2009
McCall's 5983 they have a yoke waist, but you might like them...

Hammer Pants
McCall's 5858, Drawstring pants 5889
dammit, I think I look rather snazzy! McCall's 5858
Butterick 5358 - these have an oddly placed drawstring...
Burda 7653, I loooove these - 7677, more like yoga pants 8315
BurdaFashion Magazine:  July 2009
Vogue 8397,  I think these would look awesome tapered 7468, Ignore the jacket 1113


Anonymous said...

How can one even lead a 'normal' life wearing those pants? Like riding the train, climbing stairs, getting in and out of know 'normal' things people do everyday.

Somebody hates me, trying to bring back pleated front pants. This does nothing for me or my big stomach!

Run while I still can!

Nik said...

You DO look snazzy.

I also like the ones in the Bergdorf picture. those are elegant.

Susan said...

Work it out! You are doing the dang thang. lol. I just might add this to my pattern stash.

narcissaqtpie said...

lol @ Heather. The extreme ones can probably get you in a sticky situation!! But the not so baggy ones are as comfy as sweats & they hide/camouflage a tummy, or at least mine!

Thanks for the kind words Nik & Susan :0)

fly tie said...

lmao @ 'load in your pants"!

the red ones in the first set of pics are just waaay too ridiculous. they just stand out from the ridiculousness of the others for some reason, ha!

great tips. i agree that if worn, they've gotta be worn "right".

you look lovely. :-)

Alviana said...

snazzy indeed! this is one of the trend that i think will never look good on me. i could never work it out like u do.