Monday, March 29

Goal Check & Blog B-day

Blog is 3 today!!! Yay. OK back to business. I've been thinking about my goals for the year because I really want to accomplish them to accompany my personal aspirations. & to get that blind hemmer

  • Buy only ONE pattern per month.
  • Reduce pattern stash by 100.
  • Get a REAL wardrobe. Based on Tim Gunn's 10 essentials.
  • Get rid of 1/2 of my fabric stash, sewing or otherwise.
From: Jan 4, 2010

I have mostly been sticking to my goals. The purchase of one pattern per month was/is unlikely but I have been destashing patterns on a roll! I purged/recycled 13 additional patterns in March so I am well on my way to the 100 goal. The thing is I have made a few purchases & have MORE ON MY wish list. Chalk that up to Vogue patterns.... I should surpass 100 at my rate of purging but we shall see of course! is not my friend by having all those great sales & the free shipping over $35 is bad news! I have been mostly avoiding Joann's this year, so I while I have ordered a few yards here & there I should be good with not over buying fabric this year.  I am feeling confident that a majority of my stash will be used/purged this year.

PR weekend in Philly is coming up & I want to drive up for the Saturday but I'm still undecided, and need to make sure I can be disciplined. I really just wanna meet & hug Carolyn (doesnt everyone?)

As far as the Tim Gunn essentials, I am on task. My main objective is to adopt the "look cute everyday" attitude, or at least look pulled together on a daily basis. I really need to go through my closet, but i am afraid! Like need a Xanax afraid!!!
  1. Basic Black Dress - many options for this I am going to make it for sure, unless I find a knockout dress. On the radar is Vogue 1150 OR Vogue 8593 (below) because I recently got the fabric for it.
  2. Trench Coat - I found two great trenches this season! A Tan raincoat from Target and a cotton Peacoat style in Royal Blue from Kohl's. I am still on the prowl for a vintage London Fog to complete the collection.
  3. Dress Pants - these are a dime a dozen for me since I can whip up a basic pair in an evening. I have a good range of colors as well, all I need is a khaki pair.
  4. Classic Shirt - this will have to be an investment piece. My husband manages to keep his workshirts looking nice for a long time, I think it's because he wears an undershirt. My white shirts of choice have been from Banana Republic but they end up ragged after a while. I think putting them in the dryer, as well as not wearing a deodorant shield is killing them. On the radar: a ruffly WhiteHouse Black Market blouse & a classic cut J Crew blouse (on sale!!)    
    photo: whbm
  5. Jeans - just replaced my ooooooold Old Navy Jeans with 2 pair of classic black & super dark denim Levi's 515s. These should last for a good while.
  6. Any Occasion Top - I have plenty of tops that can take me from work to weekend and more will be churned out of my fabric stash in the months to come.
  7. Skirt - I am not so into skirts anymore. I dont think they flatter because my waist is wide & I feel uncomfortable & fussy in them. I will put this on the back burner until I come across a MUST HAVE.
  8. Day Dress - a dime per dozen from the sewing room. I still have some fave recent & past sewn dresses in the closet I know for sure. So this is covered.
  9. Jacket - work jackets/blazers are covered, I have the basics and I always find cool ones while thrifting..
  10. Sweatsuit Alternative - I am not a sweatsuit/tennis shoe kinda person so I think kewl knit dresses, easy knit pants and stylish knit tops/tees are the way to go here - kinda of a Max Studio vibe (fave looks posted below). I'm not into yoga pants so they'll most likely be something like McCall's 5889 or my fave that nobody else in the world but me likes (lmao!!!) 5858 that I can wear with flip flops, sandals.


Uma Preve said...

Quite a lot to accomplish.... Great goals! Good luck with your goals and looking forward to see your accomplishments!

Adrienne said...

Great goals girl!! Happy Blog Bday!

Faye Lewis said...

Happy blog birthday.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Happy Blog Birthday. If you're ever looking for a pattern that you can't get in B'More, let me know. Yes, I am an enabler and I know you're trying to reduce your stash, so how about one pattern in and two patterns out? I may try that myself but for right now, I'm on a fabric diet. Let's not get too crazy!
Also, Vogue, Butterick & McCall's pattern are on sale on the site.
I know, I know. Bad Angela

Sheila said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! and agree great goals.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary :-)

Anonymous said...

I read the crossed of Tim Gunn list jealously as I don't have enough discipline to plan ahead. I'm still in the "Oooh...That's so cute! I must make it NOW" mode.
Congratulations on your anniversary. It takes work to put out a blog and a lot of generosity to share your work with others.
Cheers to you!
Diane Drexel

fly tie said...

i enjoyed reading this.

i like the idea of a alternative to sweats. i'm not that kinda person either. *doesn't even own tennis shoes*

wouldn't mind having a pair but somehow just don't.