Friday, September 24


So mad. I left my camera at my mom's last weekend so I couldn't take pics of my latest finished item. I plan on wearing it this Saturday when she & I are hanging out again. Also this week, I found and wore another FO from the summer, view A of McCall's 5887. I was totally cute that day, too!!! No pictorial proof, but I'll get dressform pics later...

(sneak preview of Vogue 8631, sad cell phone pics)

On a lighter side I FINALLY found MY London Fog Cotton Trench - meaning for a couple of years now I have been on the hunt for a Baltimore-thentic, in great condition, nice fitting trench in my usual thrift stores. Now this shouldn't be too hard to find in B-more, but I kept finding super petite or super large or super worn out ones, in my local area. An older woman at my job has the most awesome magenta-plum colored "vintage" London Fog cotton that she's had forever, she's responsible for my search. So mine is boring khaki, but I'm not mad it's versatile and classic.

Since this post is worthless with out pictures, here's my desperate cell phone pic...

 Soon as I get my camera back better pics :)