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Thursday, April 5

Fabric Hauls (catchup)

I wasn't able to sew *for me* during Feb/Mar but that didn't mean no fabric shopping was happening. Lemme show you.

Fabricmart haul

  1. Pink/blue/gold floral cotton, possibly for a maxi skirt or dress like Butterick 5755 or McCall's 6558, view D
  2. Pink/Blue cotton madras for a shirt dress. I really like M6520, view A
  3. Black polyester matte jersey for Vogue 1250, this will be my first LBD! I want to make it in time for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Time and energy willing.
  4. Blue/black/gray abstract ITY knit for a DVF style wrap dress. I'll prolly remake B5030.
  5. Black and white cotton seersucker for B5647, view B.
  6. Graphic floral cotton twill for either a blazer or a pair of pants. If I can get to it by summer it'll be pants inspired by these beauties that I pinned.
  7. Magenta r/p/l ponte.  I got it with B5752 in mind. Then I saw Mimi's SMOKING dress and I knew I made the right choice! (my other option is a sleeveless B5559)

Joann's mini haul

Joann's has some really beautiful prints this season. I'm really in love with their "Global Traveller" collection. I purchased these  "Simply Silky" cuts in February and got to cutting AS SOON AS I finished them dang bridesmaids dresses!!! As of Sunday night, they are sewing up beautifully! I am making two New Look 6053 sweatshop style. I hope to be wearing these bad girls ASAP! (*note. I scheduled this post earlier this week and have since finished the skirts! I'll take pics of and post them tomorrow.)

annnnnnnnd I forgot my Blogger Anniversary like I do every year. Happy 5 years to me.

Monday, March 26

Spring/Summer "trends" I like

I've been loving the lace dresses I've been seeing in the editorials and in the online shops. This backless style is very sexy, but not over the top!
Cropped blazers.... I wasn't sold at first. But with a baggy pant, they look super cute! I need to try one on to make sure it suits my figure.
You know I love printed pants, having made a couple of pairs last year.
This year they are looking great in all shapes from wide leg to slim. I definitely want to make a silk or cotton pair for the upcoming summer. Those polyester pairs I've done have my knees sweating!

I've always loved angled and rounded hemlines so all of the asymmetrical hems I've been seeing are right up my alley.
look 1, look 2, look 3
What's on your radar?

Tuesday, March 6


Source: via Nikia on Pinterest

Yahoo! Can't wait to make more of these babies (with the front hem taken up some...)

Butterick 5643

Tuesday, January 31


Rachel Roy.

YES!! YES!!!!  How can you NOT be inspired? lol

So I saw this pic yesterday and I was like, hey, I JUST finished a pretty floral blouse on holiday break. I need to wear it NOW, not wait 'til spring. (with this crazy weather, who cares anymore?)

So I did...

You're not seeing double, this is me not Rachel, lol!!!

Oh, and now you see why my office pictures suck. The tan walls + dark furniture and carpet + florescent lights + the bright window suck for pictures. I love the window though, the blinds are drawn here and it's still bright.
Blouse is Butterick 5037, now out of print. The pants I got from Kohl's a while ago.

Here it is untucked. I was gonna wear it untucked with slim pants or a skirt, but I like it tucked in!

The sleeve tab is supposed to be buttonable, but I just sewed the button on permanent, too lazy the sleeves don't look good pulled out anyway.

Um today's weather...

Monday, November 21


Zippered & Pleated Gore Skirt!

Right away I was attracted to the elements:
Black (staple)
Expensive looking fabric (wool)
A-line shape (flattering)
Leather binding and exposed zipper (edge)

My inital thought was New Look 6079, it has the gores and the pleats and the a-line shape without being too flared out like the original Fendi skirt.

The Vogue pattern is also a good match with all of the seams available to play with.

But upon further looking, a Butterick pattern stood out. How awesome would that pencil skirt be with the zippers on the seams? Or the leather binding?

Yes & YES!

I think would do BOTH, the exposed zipper on the back seam and the binding on the front seams/pleats.
Is it bad that I'm considering Spaghettios for lunch for the next 2 years until I save up for the Chameleon Satchel?

Thursday, November 3


I wasn't going to share this at first, but my Sister said it was OK.

Now, back to my whiny post the other day. The real reason I was feeling inadequate in my sewing is because I have been tasked with making a wedding gown for my sister.


Background: So when my sister announced this summer her upcoming nuptials (congrats Boo!) I knew I wanted to be a big part of the behind the scenes, so I offered up my services for the bridesmaid's gown. The problem with that was coming up with a dress for multiple body types. My suggestion was the convertible dress, something like:


Everyone agreed and she found the dresses in RTW. Fine, that saves me some time/effort for something else. But I told her I'm still making mine because I don't want to pay $90 for a polyester dress, when I can make a silk one for equal or less. I'm the Matron of Honor anyway, and I can be "special". So that solved, up next was the problem of the wedding gown.

now, my sister (middle child) is...... how can I say this without pissing her off........
a dreamer

The dress she envisioned was not working out on the day of our gown search. I felt really sad for her that day and wished that her dream could come true somehow. She really deserves it. As fate would have it, the very next day (or week later) she found a dress in a vintage shop that she could modify into her dream dress. So we got the gown cleaned, and came up with a game plan.

Now guess who became the lead on that project?

I'm making a wedding gown.

The panic/sheer terror/heart arrhythmias have settled. But, I'm making a wedding gown. Not from scratch, gosh no, I am modifying an existing gown.

but it's my sister's wedding gown.

I am honored and excited and and and... there is miles of lace/tulle/satin/beading involved.

Of course I didn't tell her I was nervous about it, but I let her know what I was comfortable doing, and you know what? I am going to ROCK THIS THING OUT!! I think it's the perfect challenge and confidence booster to take me to the next level in my sewing and creativity. I'm not going to let any self doubt and negative thoughts cloud our vision and block her dream.

So, I guess I will be sharing a new "adventure." (I really am taking several deep breaths here.) The plan, the prep, the process and the progress. While I won't be able to reveal the dress until it's all over, I will share the things I make for myself and my daughter, Miss Junior Bridesmaid. Possibly some things for the bride to be.

So stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 25

Summer dresses part I

Forgot about showing you the dresses I made for this summer's vacation. I took many pics, but the ones of me mostly turned out goofy looking because my photog was being 13. Shoot, it can't be me, lol...

But here goes:
Nothing "interesting" but very laid back comfortable. I pretty much wore loose maxi dresses

Butterick 5643 - made 2 more (in awesome non wrinkling cottons!), first one here 
5652 - swimsuit coverup, sheer polyester chiffon
5313 from this post
& a pair of cropped cotton harem pants from last summer (McCalls 5889 - sorry forgot to take pics)

We went to amusements parks, on walking tours and the beach. And it was hooooooot so everything in my summer vacation "wardrobe" worked out perfectly.

The blue dress was a thrifted "muu-muu" in a crinkled cotton/rayon with a small floral print and tiered bottom. Soooo cute. I felt very "prairie" in it. I need to wear this again soon to get a better pic.

I lost my freaking hat at the park though. So mad cause it's hard to find hats that fit me.
I need to take pics of the dress that I didn't get to wear at all!

Ah well, at least I made it.


Friday, October 14

This is my last post*

...about these pants.

Don't unsubscribe yet!

I have posted about this pattern 5 times already, so I know by now you're like...

"Look [expletive of your choice], we dont wanna see anymore granny pants."

So imma stop  talking about them after this.

 In other news, I finally found a hat that fits over my hair!!
At Walmart. It's an XL. It's from the men's dept. Don't judge.
(Target has some CUTE ones too)

I'm still going to make as many pairs as I can. If you could get away with wearing pajama-like pants to work, then turn around and wear them to the park on the weekend you'd be hooked too. Pair them with a structured blazer and you can buck.the.system!

Doing the Milli Vanilli!!
(& sister of mine don't you dare say I look like Lil Wayne. I will bodyslam you.)

Tuesday, October 11

This post is worthless without photos

Don't you just hate it when stuff like making a living--spending time with family--sleeping--taking care of home and stuff interferes with your sewing? Then to top it off your teenager steals borrows your camera to take pictures of herself for Facebook and you are afraid to go in her room to get it back because.....

Actually, I have just been working offsite for a few weeks and it totally threw me off my routine (& sucked the life out of me) but I'm back on track now.

The three day weekend really helped get me back into my sewing. I went honey baked  H.A.M. beginning Thursday night through Monday afternoon, cutting out several patterns, and finishing three pairs of pants and a dress. All that's left to do is install two zippers & hem that last pair of pants. Now I can sleep this week!

What I worked on:

You'll be seeing these when I wear them...

I was able to sneek in a few moments to check out the newest patterns and drool over some fashion blogs. Here are some things on my winter wish list:

See theCurvyFashionista here:

Monday, September 19


For the last couple of years it was all about the DKNY Cozy, which I'm over. I still really like the look. It's just that my daughter is all into "long, slouchy cardigans" and mine end up missing... So, while drooling  perusing over the Diane Von Furstenburg smorgasbord site, I noticed a *new* look: PONCHOS!

No, not your run-of-the-mill raincoat/crochet/Mexican variety, think of them more as a
layering element. Im thinking I'll be able to brave the impending cold now.

They don't have to be true ponchos, Maybe an oversized vest or sweater...
The keys to the look:
Solid colors.
Wear something fitted underneath.
Boots. (oh gosh, unbury me please.) 
Carry a BEAUTIFUL bag.

(Hmmm, ya know the kids like Ramen and Chef Boy R Dee, maybe I can sneak some of the next few months groce...)
Apples/Inverted Triangles rejoice! We can hide our boobs and tummies AND showcase our booties and legs in slim fit pants/skirts.

Over midi skirts or tights with boots!! S-L-E-E-K

Speaking of Ms. von Furstenburg,
I'll take one of EVERYTHING in her shop. Thanks :)

OK, bring on the fall/winter sewing.

Thursday, August 11

Butterick 5328

Butterick 5328

Made this a while ago, but never felt like taking pics when I wore it... It's nothing spectacular, just a good pattern.

Thanks to all who read my blog & send wonderful comments!!

I read many, many blogs and get so much inspiration, information and just good old laughs.
I just feel blessed to be a part of "the community."


Wednesday, August 3

Pretty Boring

Simplicity 2215

Home and work have been pretty low key lately and downtime is making me lazy bored. So in making sure I dont fall into sloppy slouch territory, I try to wear something "cool" or "pretty" everyday, even if I forget dont feel like to wear extra jewelry or cute shoes...

I am having a good time with African prints/wax prints and have a few more I'd like to sew up before summers end.

I guess this outfit falls into my "toned down ethnic" goal...

Cardigan: J Jill
Top Simplicity 2215, Fabric: Wax Print from A Fabric Place
Skirt Butterick 5539

Why must people trash talk when you're trying to take pictures of yourself for your blog?
What's so narcissistic about that? geez...
Totally bored...

Friday, July 29

Butterick 5313

Butterick 5313

Cardigan: (3rd pic) Target
Dress: Butterick 5313, lengthened
Fabric: Cotton/Lycra blend from Mood Fabrics, NYC
Making it work friendly for a casual Friday.

Monday, July 18

Weekend easy

Spent Saturday at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. That morning I whipped up an easy little tee with Butterick 5948, inspired by the boxy, cropped top look.

This is a pattern that is probably overlooked a whole lot, but is very cool and practical. Not to mention EASY. It's all straight lines, no curves, gathers, darts or easing. Anyone insterested in sewing should look into the "boring" patterns to learn on.

I really wasn't in the mood to take pics, it was hot, smelly and humid as fish grease in there! Get it?! - ha-ha!!

Here are the ones that show the top pretty goood. *Ignore the boo-boo faces.

The top is cropped,  but just long enough to cover "that area." I made sure not to raise my arms tho, lol...

I was fussing about something here, but aside from that,
Why was he scared of EVERYTHING!!??!?!  Dude had me & Dad carrying him around THE WHOLE TIME. I gotta get him out more, lol!