Friday, May 13

Favorite Pants

My favorite pants pattern right now without doubt is Butterick 5539.

Yeps, some elastic waist, granny pants, but dammit, I really heart them!

Pic from

I promise you I have been wearing these black pants AT LEAST once a week since I made them. They go with so many things from relaxed tees to stuffy blazers! In all honesty, I have to remake them because they are WORN OUT. I used a horrible Ponte that was mostly rayon and hasn't held up well to repeated washings. I do have two other pair - in chocolate and navy, but they don't get as much play as the black. I really want some in Royal blue and heather gray. As soon as I find the colors, they will be added to my closet.

Blouse: Thrifted
(it's wrinky rayon but in an awesome feather print!! You can see it better here)
Pants: Butterick 5539
Shoes: Dollhouse

In other news, this week I worked on my DVF knock-offs and lemme tell yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu,

no lemme show you:

A preview of one of them that is... hee-hee!!

I'm making two of them, all that's left is the hemming, so you will be seeing me in these soon.

Happy Weekend!


Shawnta said...

I love the sneak peak! That black and white print on the ironing board looks great as well. Nothing like a pair of comfy pants!

Faye Lewis said...

In my quest to make great fitting pants - I say, if the pattern works use it. Yours look great by the way.
Also a great idea for the DVF dresses - I love the dresses and might have to copy your idea.

Barbara said...

I have been fussing around trying to decide about that pattern and here you go and endorse them. Great. I am now off the fence. Since you are younger and so stylish and they work for you, well I'll like them too.

nekiah said...

Love those pants. Your DVF look alike dress is AMAZING! You are very talented. I wish that I had learned to sew. I just wanted you to know that it means so much to me for you to take the time to leave such a wonderful comment. Now following you! Kiah