Friday, June 3

Funky Lemonade

Vogue 8657 

**My second time with this pattern. My first pair was reviewed on PR. This time, I didn't make pockets and I added an inch and a half of length to the inseam.**

I fell for this fabric a couple of months ago at Joann's. Something (the wierdo fairy perhaps?) possessed me to make pants with it. And yes, those kind of pants, tee-hee-hee...

I was supposed to make a full skirt, and I planned to wear a yellow tank, or maybe my yellow cardi, but the fabric already has a lot of yellow in it.  Instead of getting teased for looking like a banana (in Hammer pants mind you - double whammy!!) I opted to go dark on top. The green tones it down somewhat, but still lets the color-richness show. It is an extremely bright and bold print, the photos do it no justice .I like it.

These are officially retired until the weather is 75 degress or below.

Tee: Target
Belt: Calvin Klein (hubby's)
Pants: Vogue 8657, Fabric: Joann's Simply Silky Polyester Peachskin.
Shoes: KMart

Yea, this pose is wacko, so focus on the pants.

Back in the day I used to think hubby looked like this dude lol...

PS. Yes I'm stuck in the 90's. 

PPS. And yes, having grown up in the Oakland, CA in the 80's and 90's, I will rep MC Hammer for life!!!


nikol.joi said...

Me likes!!!

MAD14kt said...

Wonderful fabric and little man is truly growing fast :)

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Very nice. I love the print.

Uma Preve said...

I like the print! Nice work!

Sewtellme said...

Hey, love the print. Also just wanted to send a shout out to another girl from the "O". I too grew up there in the 80's.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Actually the pants look really fun and summery. I like that you went with the green top! Nice!