Monday, September 19


For the last couple of years it was all about the DKNY Cozy, which I'm over. I still really like the look. It's just that my daughter is all into "long, slouchy cardigans" and mine end up missing... So, while drooling  perusing over the Diane Von Furstenburg smorgasbord site, I noticed a *new* look: PONCHOS!

No, not your run-of-the-mill raincoat/crochet/Mexican variety, think of them more as a
layering element. Im thinking I'll be able to brave the impending cold now.

They don't have to be true ponchos, Maybe an oversized vest or sweater...
The keys to the look:
Solid colors.
Wear something fitted underneath.
Boots. (oh gosh, unbury me please.) 
Carry a BEAUTIFUL bag.

(Hmmm, ya know the kids like Ramen and Chef Boy R Dee, maybe I can sneak some of the next few months groce...)
Apples/Inverted Triangles rejoice! We can hide our boobs and tummies AND showcase our booties and legs in slim fit pants/skirts.

Over midi skirts or tights with boots!! S-L-E-E-K

Speaking of Ms. von Furstenburg,
I'll take one of EVERYTHING in her shop. Thanks :)

OK, bring on the fall/winter sewing.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I like the color combinations more that I like the poncho/shrug/whatevers. But then I'm a big girl and slouchy doesn't become me

nikol.joi said...

I'm lovn everything about this post. Def some great inspirations. Still laughing @ the "apples/inverted triangles" comment.

toy said...

great post! i think the hardest thing is getting the fabric to make these patterns look designer.

Victoria said...

I've never thought too much of a poncho as a fashion statement but they're depicted quite lovely here. Thanks for opening my mind! Can't wait to see what you make. LOL!

Barbara said...

This was a great post. I love it when you connect what you see to a pattern - very inspiring, thanks.