Thursday, October 27


I am frequently asked by hubby...

"Um, so you're wearing that?"

"What kind of shoes are those?"

"Why don't you just shop at JC Penney?"


@ work why does my supervisor go petrified everytime I have to make a presentation or attend a business meeting? He's like "What are you going to wear?" Really? Yes my male boss. Bwaahahaaa!!! (Of course I dress appropriately.)

LOVE her style philosophy...

For me it's not about completely repelling men (though it is hilarious seeing hubby cringe), but it's about being true to wearing what makes YOU feel awesome & stylish.

Another funny thing is, when I wear something "normal" or "pretty" the men (and women) I interact with on a regular basis really notice.

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fly tie said...

lol @ just shop at jc penny! i love your use of fabric and style choices. you rock! they just don't get it...