Tuesday, October 25

Summer dresses part I

Forgot about showing you the dresses I made for this summer's vacation. I took many pics, but the ones of me mostly turned out goofy looking because my photog was being 13. Shoot, it can't be me, lol...

But here goes:
Nothing "interesting" but very laid back comfortable. I pretty much wore loose maxi dresses

Butterick 5643 - made 2 more (in awesome non wrinkling cottons!), first one here 
5652 - swimsuit coverup, sheer polyester chiffon
5313 from this post
& a pair of cropped cotton harem pants from last summer (McCalls 5889 - sorry forgot to take pics)

We went to amusements parks, on walking tours and the beach. And it was hooooooot so everything in my summer vacation "wardrobe" worked out perfectly.

The blue dress was a thrifted "muu-muu" in a crinkled cotton/rayon with a small floral print and tiered bottom. Soooo cute. I felt very "prairie" in it. I need to wear this again soon to get a better pic.

I lost my freaking hat at the park though. So mad cause it's hard to find hats that fit me.
I need to take pics of the dress that I didn't get to wear at all!

Ah well, at least I made it.



Victoria said...

You had the right idea with loose and comfortable dresses for the Summer. They look pretty:)

HeathersSphere said...

Stylish and comfy looking dresses! You look fab in all of them!

MAD14kt said...

Nice! I L*VE orange!!!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

You look comfortable. I approve! If I ever get the people in my cipher to agree to a summer vacation again.... I'm biting your looks.

As for the hat. Make one. They aren't that hard.