Monday, November 7

Finally Organized

Thanks for the encouragement/comments from last post!

This past weekend I cleaned up and rearranged my sewing area to make it feel like a real workroom instead of just a bunch of "junk" stashed in the corner.

Previously, I let my husband talk me into believing my sewing stuff was junk, so my setup mode was hide my "junk" as much as possible. I was so embarrassed about my stash, that I kept moving my stuff around the room trying to constantly organize it, constantly purging and regretting, that I almost just gave up and got rid of it all. No more of that - new attitude.

I live here and so does my "junk."

Now my things are a LIVE part of the basement which is the family room / play room and now part craft room. Everything is organized - easy to get to and easy to put away. I won't be embarrased when guests come over. Everyone knows I sew anyway.

Jr's play area. He loves his decorated wall. 
It's all from Dollar Tree, except what I printed from online and my little craft project up top, lol.
My "junk" used to be on this side.

mommy's play area :)
ALL this used to be crammed on the other side which is a lot smaller. It was a mess, lol.
White dresser holds patterns, it's from Ikea.
 I didn't buy anything new except the tabletop for my sewing machines(below). everything else I had somewhere in the house.

...machines & stuff. I can turn and see the TV from here! 
My sewing table is just a bunch of craft cubes from Michael's that I have collected over time, on sale, and a piece of melamine shelving from Home Depot. Ikea chair was thrifted. The red ottoman will be recovered soon and put back on the TV side of the basement.

My computer and office stuff is in the cabinet.
Table top is a 1x40x72 inch piece of plywood from Home Depot. I have a vinyl table cloth over it. Ikea lamps. On three sides of the table are Target cube shelves I collected over time, on sale. They hold his toys, and my fabric & books.

On the fourth side is two file cabinets with patterns and office files. The ironing board is against the wall by the pattern dresser. And there is one more plastic Ikea ottoman/hamper full of fabric on the side. I still have a lot of fabric. There's two more tubs behind the curtains on Jr's side. I'm working on it though.

Of course my dream is to have a room that I can lock myself in, but this will work. At least I can supervise the kids.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Candice said...

How awesome, looks fantastic!

Carol said...

Happy sewing!! Nothing like your own play area!

Far said...

Awesome! Glad you have a proper space now. :)

Melodye said...

Good for you! It looks functional and it looks good too!

Sheila said...

Lovely room and looks so organized & functional.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Does it help you to sew better?

I have a designated room and it is CHAOS! But I like it like that and I know where everything is exactly. And the fact that it is so intimidating keep people... and animals out of the room and I have perfect peace in there.

Nik said...

I love the way you've taken things you already had and used them. And it looks really well organized. More organized that my craft rooms ever were.

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks! for the comments! @ Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth Even though I consider myself to me a messy person, I cannot *focus* in chaos. I think that is why I was reorganizing my stuff every other month. This setup feels more settled. Honestly I think If I had a lockable room it would be a mess and I wouldnt get anything done.

MAD14kt said...

You Go Girl!!! ;D