Monday, November 21


Zippered & Pleated Gore Skirt!

Right away I was attracted to the elements:
Black (staple)
Expensive looking fabric (wool)
A-line shape (flattering)
Leather binding and exposed zipper (edge)

My inital thought was New Look 6079, it has the gores and the pleats and the a-line shape without being too flared out like the original Fendi skirt.

The Vogue pattern is also a good match with all of the seams available to play with.

But upon further looking, a Butterick pattern stood out. How awesome would that pencil skirt be with the zippers on the seams? Or the leather binding?

Yes & YES!

I think would do BOTH, the exposed zipper on the back seam and the binding on the front seams/pleats.
Is it bad that I'm considering Spaghettios for lunch for the next 2 years until I save up for the Chameleon Satchel?


Sheila said...

The inspiration skirt is gorgeous and agree NL 6079 is perfect. B5574 is also a perfect choice.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I made a skirt similar to that. But I had the pieces open to the waistband... I was for another reason.... But you'd be surprised how the parts stay closed

MAD14kt said...

I am loving that skirt!

GodsgirlT said...

Ooooooh that's HOT! The skirt, the bags....just HOT! You've got good taste! Thanks for the comment on my military maxi. Didn't know you'd been in the military too. I was also in during peacetime. Glad to know you are a fellow veteran! Take care!

L said...

Hmm... How do you think the binding is added along the gores? Is the seam sewn wrong sides together and bound from the outside?