Tuesday, November 29

On to Sherwood Forest!

McCall's 6209 view B body, view D hood.

I had 3 yards of really nice (free!) camel felted wool in the stash. I thought about making a coat, but after trying on camel coats in the store, I didn't like they way I looked in "that" much camel covering my frame. I already have a camel blazer and a wool camel jacket, so I figured a cape would be a nice addition to my winter wears.

Not 100% sure about this closure, but it's functional for now. I would like to replace it with a button & toggle closure

I still think this is a lot of camel, but the silhouette is loose and it works better on me than a fitted camel coat. Trust me, it wasn't a cute look.

I have worn shorter capes before, so this is a "new" feeling for me. It was awkward to put on at first, kind of like throwing a blanket over my shoulders. (this was right after I finished it so excuse my appearance, lol)

I didn't wear it to work that day, it was warm. It will be great for layering on a chilly day when I don't want to be bulked down with a coat.

The awesomeness is that with felted wool, you dont have to worry about seams unravelling! I sewed it all on the sewing machine and trimmed the seam allowanced close. It's not noticeable at all.

The greatness is, that the hood is huge, because I have a lot to cover.

So what's up, is this friar or fire?

PS: Those shoes from a couple of posts ago can be found here (non monetized link)


L said...

May the force be with you, always. =)

Really, it's cute. I haven't been into capes until lately. After seeing some nice versions, now I want one.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

It is a LOT of camel. But it's still cute. Make something to go with it....

MAD14kt said...

Me like, a lot...I love the color!