Monday, January 30

No Klepto

Inspiration: COLOR!!!!

What I wore:

Pants: New Look 6035
Sweater: Thrifted, Shirt: Liz Claiborne
I know I should be lashed for these pics but I want to keep up with blogging, during my blah face, not enough hours of daylight time. This actually was a good day, wearing bright colors does help the mood, but it was the end of a long day, I just pulled my hair out of a tight bun, and I was tired...OK, yea, yea, yea.

So about the pants. I actually made these during my winter break (last week of 2011). The fabric is a burgundy-red stretch gabardine from the free stash.

I have been wanting some red pants ever since Candice made hers. I was torn between making them wide or slim leg, but my yardage-on-hand took care of that decision. These are some decent pants! Easy to put together & very comfy with the zipper on the side. The size range is limited from 4-16, but that seems to be the usual with New Look.

I chose size 16 for the waist/hip measurement, I added 2 inches to the inseam length, and added an inch to back rise, which is normal for me with New Look & Simplicity patterns.

I thought the fit would be slimmer, so I'm going to take the leg in some for my next pair.

I have a caramel cut & a royal blue cut on the cutting table now!

Oh and, No Klepto


AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

I agree. Wearing bright colours does lift ones mood. Love the styling or your trousers.

Aminat said...

Those are lovely colour block and you are right colour brightens your day

Candice said...

Love the colors and I thanks for the shout out!