Thursday, March 29


Welcome to my blog! I'm a home sewist/frugal fashionista. This blog will be my way of keeping track of my sewing progress & inspirations and hopefully getting/sharing advice from the online sewing community that I've been longing to be a part of.

Enuff jive, let's kick this thing off with my latest project:

Inspired by: a Kohl's ad w/ a polka-dot babydoll tank top and bermuda shorts. The silhouette was kinda nice for work and for dating hubby, plus I needed a new look to kick off the spring. But no way am I gonna wear bermudas or shorts for that matter and the top was a bit plain. Here is what I came up with.

McCall 5330
Size: 14
Pattern critique: Easy. Basic front, back and waist pieces w/ a faced and interfaced waist. I was intimidated by the pleats at first but they were very easy & I don't think I finished off the back split correctly because I didn't read the directions (as usual you will come to find out) but noone can tell :)
Fabric: navy poly gabardine
Modifications: none needed
Results: tres nice! the fit is not as slim as I'd like w/ the pleats and all but it's comfy and looks good.

Burda 7911
Size: 14
Pattern critique: very easy. only a few pieces. construction was a breeze. I don't like that the top is not a real wrap w/ the straps attached. and the collar should be interfaced in my opinion.
Modifications: none, but next time I will make the changes noted above if I remake this ( I want a solid black one now)
Fabric: navy polka-dot poly challis
Results: good. It's very awkward to put on though.

I'll get a picture of me in it tomorrow cause I am WEARING this!


Anonymous said...

I love that top. I have never used a Burda pattern but will look them up. I like the skirt too. Ray @ NP

Anonymous said...

This is very cute!! I am learning how to sew, but its hard trying to find a class were I live. I will be bookmarking your blog!!!!

narcissaqtpie said...

Thanks Ray & Trini!!!

& Trini you really can learn on your own!!!