Sunday, November 18

Why come I'm the last to know?

(sorry, still on my badu kick, it should be over soon though.)

I had a good sewing weekend! Friday & Saturday night I worked on my second
Simplicity 3790 minus drama and Saturday night (late) into Sunday afternoon I deviated from the SWAP and made another Vogue 8391. I had too!!! someone knocked off this DVF top on PR and it sent me flying! I had to have it.

With the sales, I purchased 5 must have patterns (i know, i know)
Simplicity 3530 and 3546
Butterick 5132, 5152 and 5146.

I also attended an ASG meeting. It was an eye/mind opening experience! I have NEVER had the pleasure of just hanging out live and in person with other sewers besides my family. This was really a big deal for me because I am an introvert, a bit shy and unsure about my sewing skills. "Talking" with you guys (anyone out there?) online was my only contact with the sewing world. Listening to podcasts and emailing people almost make this Internet contact seem real.

I was really nervous about going because I envisioned being in the room with a bunch of quilting grannies. But looks can be deceiving & assumptions are just that. Being in the room with so many creative minds was kind of exhilarating.

I was awestruck at the many talents displayed-- from quilting to embroidery to fashion sewing and even felting! And it was just sort of surreal to actually listen/talk sewing with another live human person. Touch things that other people made and share ideas/tips/shopping spots, etc. It was like PR live, lol!!!

Alright, enuff mushy gushing... I just want to say I should have reached out a long time ago and tried to find some live sewing "friends". Just seeing this meeting in action really has made a difference in my motivation and sewing confidence. If you're a shy one or just want to be in the presence of sewing/creative folks, get on that ASG website and contact your local chapter. Even if you attend one or two meetings (it's free) it would be worth your while.

If any Baltimore area peeps wanna meet up and go to the next meeting let me know (they asked me to bring more folks.) There may be a sewing lounge opening soon here too! Of course I'm joining soon so I can go to these meetings when I need creative juice.

OK, yapping over. Here are my pics. I'll add reviews at PR later on this week.
(click to enlarge)
Front of Vogue 8391
Fabric = poly jersey print.


Inside out. I decided to show some of my stuff inside out from now on since I'm not good at detailing construction info just yet.


Anonymous said...

Love them!!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Tracey said...

I actually have a few comments. First, just because you've gone out and found some real "live" sewing buddies, don't stop taking to us, your blog buddies. LOL

Second, I like both of the new tops.

Third, speaking of felting, I am making my first attempt at felting. I'm making a red bag/purse. If it turns out as nicely as I hope, I would like to send it to you. You were soooo generous in giving my the HotPatterns skirt pattern (for which I have to find just the right fabric)it's the least I can do to show my appreciation.

Leslie said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a little while now, and I have to say you are an inspiration for me. I'm loohoo44 on PR (I did that DVF top) and am amazed by your knock-off skills. Your posts with outfits and pattern suggestions are awesome! However I'm totally kicking myself now that I see that Vogue wrap top pattern, it's perfect! I can't believe I spent so much time modifying the wrap dress pattern. Anyways, your tops look great and thank you for your wonderful blog!

Jackie said...

Both tops are beautiful!!! I really like the fabrics you used!

Anonymous said...

thanks for talking about ASG, it seems like something I should into and your new blouse came out great, I love the fabric, very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Both tops are very nice. What local chapter did you join? I need to renew my membership. It's nice to see other folks from B-more.


Annika said...

I too have been lurking on your blog for some time and just want to say - you are Fantastic! I love reading about your varied interests and sewing escapades. Happy Thanksgiving!

Knitaholictoo said...

ASG is great! Every year we have a fashion show at the Holiday Inn and we get to show off our hardwork! Good for you getting hooked up with them. BTW, the jacket is FABULOUS!!! Lovin' the print.
Happy Holidays!

Cennetta said...

Thanks for suggestion. I know the ASG exist, but I never thought of attending a meeting. I have a few "live" sewing buddies, whom I'm grateful for. The ASG only offers more opportunities to meet more people like us. lol

Both tops are too cute. Exactly the wrap blouse. Happy Sewing and Happy Thanksgiving.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Love your version of the DVF top! Well worth the diversion from SWAP! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

You are right, I should check out the local ASG. I'm guilty of assuming the same thing. So, good post. Enjoyed reading about your experience!

dawn said...

Your blouses are gorgeous!

I'm glad you went to ASG and found a good group. Sometimes the first group you attend might not be a right fit and you need to visit another. I'm in a really fun one now. We have decor sewers, quilters, embroiderers, and garment sewers....all laid back and fun and considerate. All skill levels, and everyone has something to contribute.

A note on ASG....the $45 yearly dues will come back to you if you shop at Joann's b/c you get a 10% discount card.

Elaray said...

You have piqued my interest in ASG! My daughter will be off to college in less than a year and I'll have more time on my hands. What better way to spend it than with people who sew! Thanks for mentioning it.

Unknown said...

the whole asg thing sounds cool. love the shirts. you're 'the bomb'! :-D

007gurl said...

I am definitely going to buy Vogue 8391 after reading your blog. I love this top!!!!