Saturday, February 16

Sew (un)Inspired

I have been trying to get excited about the new spring patterns that have come out over the last two months, but they are kind of blah. Nothing is screaming at me, not much are must-haves. I almost thought the pattern companies were going backwards in fashion until I took a look at the latest offerings at Saks and realized that the pattern makers are pretty current. It's the fashion that's lame!!

Simplicity 3530
I am loving this, the patchwork look is "hot"

Simplicity 2965
I love this one too.

Butterick 5180 McCall's also has a similar style

Simplicity 2951

With minimal tweaking, Simplicity 2995Maybe now I'll get to use all the patterns I bought last spring - lol!!


Stephanie said...

I agree with you. Last year I was so excited about all the new patterns. This year, not so much. I feel like I've seen them all already. At least I can cut down on my pattern stash!

Christina said...

I've been uninspired by many of the latest patterns too, but I think you've shown that it's really all about the fabric and the vision!

Unknown said...

I like Simplicity 3530 too, especially View A.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

That was a very interesting translation - RTW garment to pattern! I guess the pattern companies are right on top of the fashion scene...thanks for taking the time to assemble those looks and patterns!

Jada said...

I am liking that Simplicity 3530 also.

Unknown said...

ooooh....those styles are nice.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that all of the new trends and looks for spring really leave me cold.