Monday, October 31


Couldn't resist the title.

Anyway, after my last inspiration post I got busy on using up a piece of green/black houndstooth mystery suiting from my stash. It seems like it could be some sort of a wool blend because it feels supersoft and responded well to steam and pressing. It's lightweight, yet warm and I only had about 2 yards so it had to be either pants or a skirt.

I was short on fabric and had to get "creative" with the layout hence the bi-directional-ness.

McCalls 6438

I know it's not the "on-trend" black & white houndstooth, but I like it better because the b&w is kind of a bold print.


Unknown said...

looks good. i actually like that color better than the black and white.

oh, "on-trend", is it now??? that's a new one for me.

Monica D said...

Looks very comfortable!

narcissaqtpie said...

Lmao @ "on-trend" I sound like a real fashion insider huh? LOL!!!