Thursday, April 5

Fabric Hauls (catchup)

I wasn't able to sew *for me* during Feb/Mar but that didn't mean no fabric shopping was happening. Lemme show you.

Fabricmart haul

  1. Pink/blue/gold floral cotton, possibly for a maxi skirt or dress like Butterick 5755 or McCall's 6558, view D
  2. Pink/Blue cotton madras for a shirt dress. I really like M6520, view A
  3. Black polyester matte jersey for Vogue 1250, this will be my first LBD! I want to make it in time for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Time and energy willing.
  4. Blue/black/gray abstract ITY knit for a DVF style wrap dress. I'll prolly remake B5030.
  5. Black and white cotton seersucker for B5647, view B.
  6. Graphic floral cotton twill for either a blazer or a pair of pants. If I can get to it by summer it'll be pants inspired by these beauties that I pinned.
  7. Magenta r/p/l ponte.  I got it with B5752 in mind. Then I saw Mimi's SMOKING dress and I knew I made the right choice! (my other option is a sleeveless B5559)

Joann's mini haul

Joann's has some really beautiful prints this season. I'm really in love with their "Global Traveller" collection. I purchased these  "Simply Silky" cuts in February and got to cutting AS SOON AS I finished them dang bridesmaids dresses!!! As of Sunday night, they are sewing up beautifully! I am making two New Look 6053 sweatshop style. I hope to be wearing these bad girls ASAP! (*note. I scheduled this post earlier this week and have since finished the skirts! I'll take pics of and post them tomorrow.)

annnnnnnnd I forgot my Blogger Anniversary like I do every year. Happy 5 years to me.

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Candice said...

I have that same fabric, the floral twill print...It's actually already washed and hopefully will be a cute dress or some sort...Great minds think a like :)