Tuesday, April 10

Me time

Yahoooo! Time to start sewing hardcore for yours truly!!! The bridal shower is April 28th and we're pretty much prepped so I need to get hot on my dress. I pulled out my fabrics and here's what I came up with:

McCall's 6507, I really wanted Butterick 5601, but I have almost 3 yards of this pretty pretty fabric, and I really want to maximize the yardage (a "silky" poly print fabric from Joann's spring 2011.
Plus, the other hostess is wearing a cowl neck, so that can be our "uniform."

Here is the skirt so far. I am not having any problems yet because I am NOT USING THE DIRECTIONS! The directions and pattern markings have a few typos, at least in my envelope.

The back bodice is marked as "front." The sizing for the overlay pleats is missing - like, there are two sets of overlapping pleat markings and I had to figure out which one to use, *eyeroll*. I also really wanna know how I'm supposed to add length at the bottom of the rounded overlay if I needed too....anywayzzzzz...

Additionally, I'm pretty sure that if I stitched down (instead of pinning) the pleats on that skirt overlay before attaching the bodice, it would to get caught up in the bodice when I attached it. I'm going to stitch the pleats down AFTER I put the top on. Duh.

I haven't put together the bodice yet or looked at those instructions, but again, so far so good with the pattern. (optimistic, much?)

Love this print.

I am having a tiny nervous breakdown about how that blasted overlay is laying poofing on the front. Yes that is the front!! I'm hoping that once those tucks are stitched down and I wash away the pressed pleats it will fall correctly. 

I believe my fabric does have enough drape, but I would definitely use something a little more "flowy" if I were to make this again. (which I doubt)

Be back with updates...


Shelly G. said...

Very cute! And coming along nicely! I so need a dressform or have someone help me to make a ducktape form so I can fit properly. That's my biggest issue with sewing for myself, things never fit right initially and I have to make lots of adjustsment afterwards. #stillabeginnersewer

Virginia's Daughter said...

Pretty, pretty fabric is right! How about down right gorgeous! Looks like you are making great progress!

Monica D said...

Looks like you are having so much fun :)

Adrienne said...

That fabric is soooo pretty!

Aminat said...

You are really making progress, and love your fabic